The expierience


2. The doctors visit

Welcome Niall and Rebecca! So many things were running through my head was there a baby or not? So how have you too been? Very good Dr.Carrothers, how have you been? Not well I have found out recently that my wife has cancer. Oh my god I'm so sorting I wish the best for you and your wife! Thank you !

(Doctor leaves room)

Rebeca what are we going to say to the press? I mean I really don't think this was a good idea to do before my tour!

I'm afraid I have some bad news.

What are you talking about Dr Carrothers?

We'll Rebecca there is no baby when you were having intercourse the sperm did not enter the egg. I'm terribly sorry!

(Rebecca starts crying)

Oh I don't know what to think right now I'm relieved a little but at the same time I'm very sad not only for me but for Rebecca too. Oh my god I'm so confused!!!!

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