Emily Calder

fell in love

and left England



1. intro

"Prommm!!" I sing in the phone

"Omg yes!" My bestfriend, Alyssa yells through the line

"Bye see you laterr! Muah!" I say and we hung up at that

I walked over to my closet, to see the perfect dress to wear. Eleanor got it for me, my sister. It was a mini dress. The top portion has navy blue sequence, fading into silver sequence.The other part of the dress was white sheer.

I match the dress with some silver heels. Then added makeup and curled my hair.

Then the door bell rang. Louis' here!

Oh forgot to mention, Louis Tomlinson is my boyfriend.

"Ready to go!?" I ask him

"Oh hey, im actually here for Eleanor." He says nervously

Louis' POV

I can see shes going to cry.

"Im breaking up with you" i say

"What why?!" She asks

"I- i" i stuttered, i couldnt tell her the truth. But i have to! " iusedyoutogetel" i mumble


"I used you to get el"

Thankfully, Eleanor sprints down the stairs.

"Bye!" I said happily

But felt guilty

Emily's POV

i walked up the stairs. To my room, and locked the door. I was done! I packed all my things and left a note


Im leaving. Hope you have fun with Lou.

Your the best sister ever

Love you even if you took him



I then put it in her room.

I went back into mine and got out my laptop. I got a plane ticket to California. Im 19 almost 20! I can live alone right?

I picked up all my bags headed out. I took one last look at the house. And headed over to my car. I knew who the right person was to talk to. Alyssa.

Alyssa's POV

Louis, Eleanor, Harry , Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Niall and me were at my place. Surprisingly Emily wasnt here.

We were playing truth or dare. And the bottle pointed to me

Harry rubbed his hands together and smirked at me.


Harry says " whoever knocks on the door, you have to slap and scream I HATE YOU"

I smirked and we waited for someone to come.



After 10 minutes someone knocked. I kept laughing but finally got serious.

Emilys POV

"I HATE YOU" and she slaps me.

I hear laughing in the backround and saw Them.

Harrys POV

We all laugh at the sight of Alyssa creaming and slapping this random person. The girl looked in the house. Emily. Eleanor looked at her and saw she had a note in her hand.

"Give this to El---" She starts by getting cut off

Alyssa does her dare and gets confused when she see's our faces.

Before Emily leaves she holds the not but rips it in half, drops it and runs off.

Eleanor picks it up and reads it. She starts to tear up and go after her but can't, Louis was holding her back. "She- she's leav-leaving!!" She sobs into his chest.

Emily's POV

I drive, drive to the airport, and ask for another flight.

"Uhm," The lady looks through her computer, "in 2 hours"

I nod and wait. I sit down and look through my Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest.

I unfollowed everyone, Louis, Harry, Alyssa, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Perrie. The hardest decision was Eleanor. But I kept following her.

"Flight for California" says the intercom.

I walk into the plane, take a deep breath and sit down.

 That's when I left


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