Emily Calder

fell in love

and left England



3. Chapter 1

Hey, I'm Emily Calder. I live in California, with my best friends Megan Smith and Bethany Mota. She and Bethany, are the only girls I told about my past.

I've changed you see

My brown hair is now purple with ombre light blue at the bottom.

Im a singer too, I went from low to high confidence. 

Okay thats enough about me... Storrrryyyyy timmmeee

I was woken up by my phone. Text messages. This happened every year. I get texts from Them. I opened Els though

(Them is lou, el, ect,)

The text read

'Me and lou r getting married :)'



'Am i invited?'

'Sorry but no'

That was the message that i didnt text back too. Seriously, he wont invite his ex or she wont invite her sister! How rude.

Whatever . I rolled my eyes.

I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen. Then Rocky, our Yorkshire Terrier, runs to me.

I pet his head then choose to make breakfast.


My phone rings.


Alyssa's POV

I called Em up. We always called her. It was annual. Sometimes she never picked up.


A- hey heyy

E- oh hey ( saying that in like a bad mood)

A- anyways hows life?

I hear a dog and two other girls in the backround

A- Em you replaced us didnt you

E- ....


E- yes. Yes okay?

A- whhyy?

E- because, you, everybody . Look i gotta go

A- byee

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