Paranoia || Harry Styles


2. Explaining Paranoia to Harry .

Here I was, back in the food court, explaining my illness with Harry.

"I have Paranoia. It's like a mild version of Schizophrenia. I really can't take being alone, and if I don't trust you at first, I may not trust you at all."

"So, it's a good thing you trusted me at first. What was your deal with the fans?" He asked curiously.

"Uhm, well, these voices in my head tell me these things. Like, they tell me that people are poisoning me, plotting to kill me. They talk about me like I'm not even there.." I say.

Harry looked at me, trying to find emotion in my face, but I kept it blank. 

"When you found me crying, my boyfriend had broken up with me. He said my illness was too much." 

"Well, Let me take you on a date, let me show you I can deal with this, because he didn't deserve someone as beautiful as you. Here's my number, text me whenever, love. I've got to go meet up with boys soon, goodbye."

He stands up, kisses me on the cheek and then leaves. I smile to myself, forgetting about my paranoid mind, and walk out to my car, heading home. 

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