A ghost from the past

Same face but with a broken soul , on seeing this face a ghost came from the past and remind him of what had happened that night ?? He's not the same but he have changed , but changes are so hard to believe . Would this face believe this change ? Would he be able to get her again after the universe had taken her from him last time like he thought ?


2. chapter 1

Zayn's POV


"Don't forget to be at the studio in an hour." Liam said through the phone

"Okay okay" I protested, I was sitting in my apartment alone so boredom persuaded me to take a shower & get dressed. I decided to go in early as there is nothing to do around here. As I walk in the studio a girl with a long brown hair sitting on the chair caught my eyes. I've seen that girl before I am sure; suddenly the girl opened her eyes & stood up. I stared at her green eyes as I tried to remember the familiar girl. Then it hit me, oh my god Amy. What she is doing here!?

"Zayn?" Amy said surprise clear in her voice,

"Amy?" I said in disbelief. 'What she is doing here in the studio? I haven't seen her in forever' I thought with my heart racing. "What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? What are you doing here?" Amy said totally surprised

"I'm in One Direction." I said not knowing what to do.

"Really? You? In biggest boy band?" Amy said her voice start to crack, was she nervous?

"So what are you doing here?" I said tying to avoid the awkward silence.

It's her, it's Amy with same face but with a broken soul . I haven't seen her in forever, I missed her so much. Last time the universe had taken her of me or as I thought . I was thinking of her just the other day, I know she hates me. I know that she doesn't even want to hear my voice.

"I signed a contract with Simon, today's my first day" she said, as she spoke I could see the tears forming in her eyes. "Excuse me," she said rushing away, she must be crying now. I'm the worst guy on the surface of earth, why did I come early to the studio anyways? What I am going to do?

She has to know I have changed, I'm not the Zayn that she remembers.

I see her from the corner of my eye as she tries to sneak outside, I notice her red eyes, what to do or say?

"We're here!" Harry shouted, he saw Amy and stopped her, Louis not paying attention bumped into him then Liam & Niall.

"Gosh," Louis said "why'd you

Sto - oh hello"

" Hey beautiful who are you?" Harry said

"Oh well hello" Liam said

"Hi" Niall said

Amy tucked her hair behind her ear and held out her hand. "Hello, I'm Amy," she introduced herself.

"Okay well I must be going." Simon said walking out one of rooms, he noticed us standing around Amy.

"Care to explain?" Liam said

"Oh Amy is the new singer in the group." he said like no big deal. I remembered Simon had mentioned that we need another singer in our group & he did the auditions but he never mentioned who it was going to be?

"I thought I was going to be a solo singer, not in a band " Amy said looking down.

"Yes I know, but I thought about it & it's better to be in a band" Simon exclaimed.

"But we're fine" I said, just now being noticed. It was true we didn't need another member. Amy raised her eyebrows.

"Guys it's your decision" she said, she was actually going to give us a say in this?

"Ugh I hate decisions." Niall said

Her phone went off, "Excuse me" she said & went outside.

"What are we going to do?" Liam said turning to us.

"She's hot" Harry said out of nowhere.

"Harry we are taking a decision for the band's future and all u think about it is that she's hot." Louis said hitting his arms.

"I don't know." Niall said "We don't even know who she is?" Amy came back in with Simon

"Have a seat boys," Simon said "we're going to think you too Amy " he gestured for Amy to sit down as she tried to slip out.



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