How Bad Can A Good Girl Get?(+16)

How bad could a good girl get? Extremely bad if you're Harry's girl. Did she want to be bad? No. Did she ask to be bad? No. Does she love it? Yes.

(Warning: there will be smut, strong language, and violence. You have been warned)


1. Chapter 1

*A/N hope you guys like this new FanFic! Lots of love!!(: mwah!

-Gabby xx


I wrapped my sweater tighter around my upper torso and the cold wind flew past me and ruffled my hair. I was walking home from my shift at the library, I take the same route every day. To my disadvantage, it was colder than it usually is. Marvelous. Everyday on the walk home I pass old little antique stores, two or three tattoo shops, a lot of alley ways, and just random shops. I hate walking down these streets because you see so many things not fit for a regular 18 year old girls eyes. Drug trades, raping, killings, and so much other unspeakable things. You're probably wondering why on earth would I take this way if all of this stuff's a complex question, with a simple question. I live on this side of town. Horrid, I know. But it's all I can afford, I don't even have a car. So that means my transportation are two lovely things I call, legs.

I finally reached the tiny, worn down shack that I call home. It's not the best but it's a roof over my head and that's all I can ask for. I slowly walked up the creaky old steps, careful not to break them. Quickly rummaging through my purse, I grasped my keys and stuck them into the door, unlocking it. I went straight to my room and flopped down into my bed, which is honestly just a mattress on the ground. I wonder if I will ever get a better that's actually furnished, maybe. My thought were interrupted with a loud bang at the door.


I got up, but took the bat I keep next to my bed, and went to check what the sound way. I peered around my small house until I saw the door rattling with ever sound. I held the bat up and quickly swung open the door, closing my eyes, terrified that something terrible was going to happen. But with a bang and a whoosh, the door was closed again...what? I heard a deep raspy voice murmur "hello" I let out a shriek, and turned around swinging the bat around when it hit something hard, I thought I had hit the person. But obviously, with my luck, it didn't hit him. He grabbed it. He let out a slight chuckle and said "don't hurt yourself sweetheart". He flash me a soft, sly smirk that made my heart flutter.

"Not to burst your bubble or anything but, uh...what are you doing in my house?" He walked over to the nearest wall and leaned the bat against it, then turned to face me. That's when I got a good look of his face. Goodness gracious. He is gorgeous, but even that is an understatement. Yet again I was torn away from my thoughts when he spoke up, "I don't think that's any of your concern." I rolled my eyes and quickly muttered a quiet "whatever". We stood there in a thick, awkward silence until he finally spoke up, "so what's your name?" I picked at my finger nails, a nervous habit I've had for as long I can remember. I looked up slowly and whispered, " name is Kayleigh" he took a long stride towards me and bent down to the level of my ear. I felt his hot breath travel down my neck as he whispered, "Harry...Harry Styles".

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