Road Trip

I started from a town where everyone knew me and who i hung out with. Then my friends and I went somewhere where they wouldn't know us.


2. My Friends

Crazy, weird, fun, good-looking, and funny. Those things all describe my best friends. We are a team of 8 people including me, 4 girls and 4 guys. And to me we are like the bestest and funniest people on earth. First of all I'm going to tell you there names. My name is Allie. And the other girls are Frany, Laura, and Cecilia. The boys are " June ", Tommy, Jake, and Nathan. June is just a nickname we use but his name is Jordan. I called him June once because he looked like he was born in June. All of the names are changed, except mine. But, their names still begin with the first letter of their name. Frany lives in Haverhill with her aunt and cousins, while the rest of us live in Amesbury. Laura lives with her mom, dad, and brother. ( She is also adopted. ) Cecilia lives with her mom,dad,brother,and 2 sisters. Nathan lives with just him mom, like i do. And Tommy lives with his older brother, and mom. June has his mom and dad and his little sister. Jake ( I kept his name ) has his dad, mom, and 2 younger brothers. We all go to school with each other- but Frany doesn't anymore- and we always get yelled at for talking to much. And in all our classes we always have someone from our group. When lunch time comes our table is always so packed. A few people have asked me and Laura " Do you guys think of your selves as the " popular crowd " We laugh and say no. But sometimes i can see it. How the girls always look at the boys, and the boys always stare at me. I can see it. Atleast every other day i also get compliments like " You're are so lucky " or " You're very beautiful " from the girls. From the guys well that's a different story. Every time Laura, Frany, Cecilia, and I go on omegle i always get compliment by guys. " Babe, your so sexy/hot/gorgeous " or " Nice smile/lips/boobs/ass " Sometimes i can't see how i look even cute or pretty. But when Laura goes on text instead of video she gives them my kik - guys or girls - and the guys always send stuff and ask for things in return. Or girls send things and tell me to go see their live cam. Weird, i think. I'm not even pretty. But that's why i like it, they tell me i am. But, this time I went on omegle and text. I must have stayed on there for hours talking to this one guy. Aaron. ( i didn't change his name ) He never asked for anything or never shown me anything. He was just my other best friend. But this is the story of our road trip to South Carolina.

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