A story where a girl forgets her boyfriend and the boyfriend forgets her. Will they ever remember each other? Or will they remain forgotten? Will they ever meet again? Read more to find out.


7. What happened?

Kellie's P.O.V.

I walked to school on Monday. I hate Mondays. Everyone does, but I have to go to school. Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you what Brittney looks like. Brittney has long dark brown, close to black hair. She doesn't like her hair color so she dyes it brunette every so often. Her eyes, are hazel green and sparkle all the time. She is the friend that's not so smart. I personally think she should be in like the 5th grade... just kidding. She is average C+ girl. She is really nice, but if you get her upset, she doesn't do well. Let's just say, the last guy she got mad at, was in the hospital for a few days. Yes, she beat him. But, that's why I love her. She protects me from all the bullies. I got to school and saw that there was a group surrounding some one. I heard a scream. I let curiosity take over me and ventured my way into the group.

"Excuse me." I said as I made my way through the crowd. When I got to the middle, I saw the most horrible thing I ever saw. The school bully, Logan, was beating Niall.

"NOOO!!!" I screamed. I ran over to them and blocked Logan's next punch. So instead of hitting Niall, it hit me.

"Oh my gosh, Kellie I'm so sorry." Logan apologized.

"You better be, Mr. Andenson." a voice said. Mrs. Dikens, the principal. "You are suspended for 1 week."

"What? Why?" Logan asked.

"For what you did." After that, Logan left and everyone cleared out and I took Niall to the school nurse.

"Niall, why was he doing that?" I asked him.

"Because, I called him a asshole, because he was teasing Brittney on how she looked. After I said that, she left, and that's what happened." he explained.



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