A story where a girl forgets her boyfriend and the boyfriend forgets her. Will they ever remember each other? Or will they remain forgotten? Will they ever meet again? Read more to find out.


5. Telling Niall

Niall's P.O.V.

"What about your family? Anything I don't know?" I asked Kaitlyn and Brian.

"Kellie, why don't you tell Niall?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Well,"Kellie started," My older brother died in a car accident when he was like seventeen. Um...
I don't know if I should tell him the rest. Mum, dad?" she asked for them.

"You don't ha-" I was cut off.

"I will tell you. Kellie, here, isn't actually from this family. She was adopted at the age of 8. She was adopted because she was abused by her own parents. We were friends of her birth parents. We got the courage to ask why they were doing this to her. They said that Kellie was a mistake. They didn't want to be parents. But they had an idea of treating her good until she was 4. When she turned 4, they started the abusing. They first verbally abused then later physical. We asked them this when Kellie was 6. Then when she was 8, we had enough of this. We went to court and took custody of her and her parents were sent to jail for 10 years for child abuse. They get out when Kellie's 18. So, when Kellie is 18, she will graduate and move to London, England to be safe. We will move to America." her dad explained. Kellie got abused!!! I'm gonna protect her.

"Don't worry sir, I'm going to protect her from violence. Who will she be with in England?" I asked.

"We expect you to take care of her. Allie is going to live with her in England. You, Mr. Horan, are approved of. You may ask her to be your girl if you want." Mr. Jacobs said. What? I'm already dating her.

Kellie's P.O.V.

Shoot, Niall doesn't know that my parents don't know that were dating.

"Just ask me again to be your princess. They like to hear what you'd say." I whispered and lied.

"Will you be my princess, Kellie?" he asked. I covered my mouth acting all shocked. I'm the best actor in my family, so they will think I'm actually shocked.

"Yes, Niall, yes." I 'replied'.

"Yes, I have been waiting for that answer. Thank you." he said. That's so cute when he said that. Now, all we have to do is meet his parents.



Hey!!! Listen up, this is before Niall went to the X-Factor. So this is in 2009-2010 right now in the story. Sorry if you guys might have been confused.


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