A story where a girl forgets her boyfriend and the boyfriend forgets her. Will they ever remember each other? Or will they remain forgotten? Will they ever meet again? Read more to find out.


10. Telling Kellie is hard

Logan's P.O.V.

Well, uh.. I..." I began.

"You what?" she asked.

"Gosh, this is hard."

"What is?!"

"Telling you a secret."

"What secret? I love secrets, I always keep them locked up in my head."

"I... uh... know something you might not know."

"And what is that?"

"I'm your cousin." That took longer than I expected.

"What?! How could I be related to a jerk like you?!?!"

"That's a bit harsh. Your biological parents are my aunt and uncle and once they get out I'm telling them where you will be." With that I left her speechless.



Hope you enjoyed the chapter, what would happen next? Keep commenting for the CONtest, I only have like one entry.


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