A story where a girl forgets her boyfriend and the boyfriend forgets her. Will they ever remember each other? Or will they remain forgotten? Will they ever meet again? Read more to find out.


8. Plans with Logan

Kellie's P.O.V.

<4085874680> Hi baby

Odd number

<Me> Who are you?

<4085874680> Logan

<Me> How did you get my number

<Logan> I have my ways

<Me> Stalker

<Logan> No. Meet me at the mall tomorrow after school. Don't bring anyone.

<Me> Why?

<Logan> Just come.

<Me> You didn't convince me.

<Logan> Fine, is this better. If you don't come, your precious boyfriend will get beaten again.

<Me> Okay, that convinced me.

<Logan> Good. See you tomorrow.

Gosh, I hate Logan, but all the girls fall for him. I get that he has the looks, but his personality isn't attractive. I have to tell Brittney and Allie.

<Me> Logan wants to meet me tomorrow.

<Allie> What?!

<Brittney> OMG! Really?! Can I come?

<Me> No you can't come. I'm not kidding.

<Allie> Stay away from him, Kellie,he's all trouble.

<Brittney> Can I come, but I will hide. I just want to see him.

<Me> Do you think I have a say in this. He'd beat Ni. if I don't go.

<Allie> Okay, stay a great distance from him.

<Me> Yes.

<Brittney> You didn't answer my question!!

<Me> You have to be well hiden.

<Brittney> Deal.

<Me> You could come.

<Brittney> YES!!!

Well, at least if something goes wrong, I have a witness. I really don't want to meet him.

<Me> What time after school?

<Logan> 3:15

<Me> Okay.

Well, that's set up for tomorrow.

Next Day After School

I have like 20 minutes until I have to meet Logan. I decided to wear a white sweater, dark blue skinny jeans, uggs, grey scarf, grey purse, and grey bracelet.

3:10. Great timing. There was a knock on my front door. Brittney. By the time we got to the mall, he was there at the food court. Brittney went off and hid somewhere. She is a good hider. Once when we were babysitting her cousin, it took me and her cousin 30 minutes to find Brittney.

"Hey." Logan greeted.

"What did you want?" I asked.

"What do you think?" he stated.

"I honestly, don't know."

"Well," he started.



Whoops. Cliffhanger. I prob won't be able to update much this week. I have a lot going on at school. I also have another Movella to work on. You should read it, it's Victoria's Moment *Sequel* read the first one, Our Moment if you hadn't yet.


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