A story where a girl forgets her boyfriend and the boyfriend forgets her. Will they ever remember each other? Or will they remain forgotten? Will they ever meet again? Read more to find out.


19. Krystal at the mall

Krystal's  P.O.V.

It was Saturday now, and I was getting ready to meet Jason at the mall. You may think that I'm all sports, but, I also like going to the mall. I changed into a pink tank top, whitish sweater thing, jeans, and flats. I don't really wear make up so I decided to skip the make up.

I headed off to the mall. About 5 minutes later, I arrived at the mall. I went to Wnedy's, which is at the mall, and saw Jason already there just sitting and staring into space. I decided to scare him. I went behind him and leaned down and whispered "Found ya" in his ear. He jumped.

"Don't do that!" He yelled. I shrugged like it wasn't a big deal.

"So why did you wanna meet me?" I asked.

"This can be our first date. I was thinking lunch then a movie." he replied.

"Sure." I said. I gotta admit, he looked hot. I wonder how he knows Kellie. We went to the place where you put in your order and ordered some food. Once we got some food, we ate and chatted about random stuff. We went and saw The Nightmare on Elm Street.

1 & 1/2 hour later

The movie was kinda... scratch that... it was scary. But I'm glad I saw it with him.

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