A story where a girl forgets her boyfriend and the boyfriend forgets her. Will they ever remember each other? Or will they remain forgotten? Will they ever meet again? Read more to find out.


20. Going to London!

Kellie's P.O.V.

(1 week later)

Today, we leave for London!!! I never been out of the country, now, I am. Plus, this gives me a chance to see what my future home will be. I decided to wear a white sweater with blue jeans, brown sandals with a brown bag, a watch and green earrings.

I put my hair up into a messy ponytail.

10 more minutes until Niall and his parents come to get me. I chose to read a book while the wait. The book I was reading was The Hunger Games. This book is amazing.

10 minutes later

We were now in the car to the airport! Gosh, I'm to excited. I might be more excited that Niall is but he is shifting in his seat a lot.



Sorry for the short chapter!!! I hope you like it.


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