My Baker Boy

[Book 1 of My Baker Boy Series] Diana Garcia has a pretty normal but lonely life. But after moving to Indianapolis and meeting her two best friends, she gets the opportunity of her life. She gets to live with another family across the ocean for 6 weeks during the summer. Why? Well, it's to teach her about independence from her family. She doesn't find out about the family until she has a vision of them. What she doesn't know is that she becomes in love with a curly-haired stranger. Will she meet this guy? Or will her visions start to fail her?
© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. I don't own the picture used to make the cover.


7. The Moment of Truth. Or is it?

The Moment of Truth. Or is it?



I've been in my room all day today ignoring everything. Especially Gemma. I'm never nosy in her business but she's always nosy in mine. WHAT'S WRONG WITH A LITTLE OBSESSION?! *sigh* Maybe she's right. I can't believe I let a total stranger take over my thoughts. I don't even know what she looks like..."Harry can I come in?" It's Gemma.

"Yeah I guess..."

She opens the door and comes in. "Look, we need to talk about-”

"Yeah. Yeah. My obsession. Gemma it's alright. I won't obsess over Diana anymore. I don't want to because I don't know what she looks like."


*gulp* Well, here goes nothing. "Uh, do you want to see a photo of Diana?" He turns to me with his eyes wide open.

"Yes! Show me!" I take the photo out of my pocket and give it to him. "Wow! She's beautiful!" Harry's so happy he could jump all over the walls. Oh on. I've created a monster. Better tell mum before it gets out of hand.


It's been a great day today. I got home early because I finished all the important paperwork this week. Tomorrow I have the day off because Diana will be coming. As I start washing dishes from dinner, I heard a shout of joy from Harry's room. I wonder why he's been locked up in there all day...what did Gemma do now? "Mum, we need to talk."

"What's wrong now Gemma?"

"I think I created a monster. Ever since I told Harry Diana's name yesterday, he's been obsessed. And since I've shown him the photo, there's no telling what could happen."

"Okay. But why did you-”


"What's wrong Harry?"

"How come you haven't shown me a photo of Diana sooner? Look! She's beautiful!" Harry gave me the photo.

"I'm sorry Harry for not telling you about her sooner. But please calm down."

"Okay. By the way, I'm going to sleep early. I don't want to miss seeing Diana first. Good night!"

"Okay sweetheart. Sweet dreams."

Harry quickly left for his room. "Gemma, why does Harry have one of my old Secondary school photos?"



"Okay okay! I couldn't take it anymore! He was obsessed only with a name of an American, so I gave him a picture of you he hasn't seen. Besides, the program website doesn't provide a photo of those program kids."

"But Gemma, you know it isn't good tricking your brother with a fake photo."

"I know. I know. I'm so sor- "

"So, the photo isn't Diana? Bummer...”

 "HARRY! I-I was-” 

"Save it Gemma. It's no use now. I heard everything. Mum, it was just a healthy obsession. Gemma just overreacted."

"I know Harry. I know."

"But MUM!"

"Gemma you're grounded. But just for the rest of the night."


"Want to get grounded longer?"

"No. I'm good. Good night."

"Good night, mum."

"Good night you two." *sigh* My kids. They still act like children. I hope they don't when our guest arrives...

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