My Baker Boy

[Book 1 of My Baker Boy Series] Diana Garcia has a pretty normal but lonely life. But after moving to Indianapolis and meeting her two best friends, she gets the opportunity of her life. She gets to live with another family across the ocean for 6 weeks during the summer. Why? Well, it's to teach her about independence from her family. She doesn't find out about the family until she has a vision of them. What she doesn't know is that she becomes in love with a curly-haired stranger. Will she meet this guy? Or will her visions start to fail her?
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14. Love is a Piece of Cake

Love is a Piece of Cake




July 1, 2009

Two weeks have passed, and so far nothing has happened. No visions, no bad days, no nothing. Harry, George, Ev, and I are all good friends now. Remember when I called Harry cute? Well, he is. God, I don't know if I should tell him how I fell. I fell for him; and in only four weeks too.

Today, Ev and I got to the bakery early. We used the key, walked inside and sat down to wait for the others. I started thinking about Harry again. I can't date him, but his curly hair, his smile, his blue green eyes...he's just so dreamy.... “Thinking about Harry again?" Ev asked.


“! What? Not at all."


“Yeah you are. I can tell because you're blushing."


Dang it! “Okay, I was..."


“ I knew it! So...when are you going to tell him?"


“I can't tell him Ev. Never. I'm about to leave in two weeks. Besides, what if he likes someone else?"


“Shhh! Harry and George are coming!" Ev whispered.



Two weeks have passed, and nothing has happened. Thank God Stephanie hasn't been around in a while. Diana and I are good friends now. Well, I feel like more than friends, but she might not like me back. She's beautiful, but she might think I'm a player, when in reality, I've never dated. George and I are walking to the bakery. I wonder if Diana is already at the bakery... “Mate, you're blushing. Thinking about Diana again?" George asks.


“What? Me?! Not at all. Who's Diana?"


“Harry, we've been mates for a long time. I can tell when you're lying to me."


“Okay, I was thinking about her. But she can never know! Who tells the love of your life the way you feel two weeks before they leave?"


“You need to tell her before she leaves."


“Shhh!" I said, “Ev and Diana are inside." We walked into the bakery.


“Hey guys!" Ev said, “what took so long?"


“Sorry, but I tend to be a heavy sleeper. Heh." I said.


“Okay...Hey George, can I talk to you for a sec?"


“But I want to eat some cook-" Ev drags George out the back door. I wonder what they're up to...



“Why'd you drag me out Ev?!" George said.


“Does Harry like Diana?" I asked.


“Yeah. Does Diana like Harry?"


“Duh. Maybe while we're out here, they'll confess their love to each other."


“Yeah right! Harry doesn't want to tell her, and I doubt Diana would tell him either."


“Yeah, maybe we should go back in now."




“I just heard Nancy's voice."



“They've been our there for a while," Diana said, “do you think they're dating?"


“Those two? Nah. They can't stand each other."

"Harry I...I have something to tell you."


“Wait. I have something to say too. I'll go first." I stared into her beautiful hazel eyes. “Diana I-"


“Kids!" Nancy yells as walks in. “We have a big order to fill! Where's Evelyn and George?"


Ev and George walk back inside. “Sorry Nancy, I talked George out of eating cookies this early."


“Oh, that's fine. We have a big order to fill! Carol's granddaughter is getting married and we get to make her wedding cake. Use your time wisely! I will be back to check on your progress. Diana, you're in charge of this order. Here are the requirements." Nancy left.


“What? How come you're in charge rookie?"


“C'mon George chill," I began, “It's just a cake."


“Guys, we should start." Ev said.


“Because there's four tiers to bake." Diana finished.


7 hours later...

Exhausted, but at least the cake was finished before break time. I've been trying to tell Diana how I feel all day. It's very hard to tell her. Good thing we're home. Nothing could go wrong. Me and Diana are sitting in the living room. Perfect. “Harry."




“What have you been trying to tell me?”

“Diana, I think I lo-”


“I'm home! Hey Diana!” Great. Gemma is home. Just. My. Luck. “Are you busy Diana?”




“I just need help picking out an outfit for my friend's party. Please?”


“Sure. Harry, do you mind if we talk tomorrow?”


“Not at all love." Diana and Gemma leave and head to Gemma's room. The door closes. AH! Why is this frustrating? How can I get Diana's attention? As soon as I got into bed, it hit me. I'll just avoid talking to Diana tomorrow. Then, I'll finally get to tell her how I feel. Wow... I fallen for someone who's about to leave in two weeks...

July 2, 2009

7:45 PM GMT


Today's been a mix of brutal and awkward. Mostly awkward. Harry wanted to tell me something yesterday and now he won't even talk to me. Maybe I should've told Gemma to wait so he could tell me. What was so important? It's not like she was going to say he loved me. Fat chance. How can you fall in love in just a few weeks? Anyhow, Harry has been avoiding me all day. It's closing time, but it's pouring outside. And I didn't bring an umbrella. Great. Ev, George, Harry and I were waiting at the front door. Carol and Nancy are in the back. “Well, I'm heading home.” Ev said.

“Yeah, me too,” George said, “you two going home after the rain stops?”


Harry was silent. “I guess so.” I said.


“Bye.” Ev said as she left. George just winked before he left. What does that mean? Minutes passed, and it continued to rain. I decided to start a conversation with Harry. Hopefully he'll talk to me...

“Hey I know you haven't talked to me and that's fine. If you want, you can go home with your umbrella and I'll just wait until the rain stops. Okay?” Harry was facing away, but he turned towards me with a blank expression on his face, gave me his umbrella, and went out the door. I panicked and went after him in the rain. “Harry!!” I shouted, “You're going to catch a cold! Why'd you run out like that?”

He stopped, but he didn't face me. “I was trying to tell you something important yesterday, and I had to go through a lot to tell you. But just forget it. It doesn't matter anymore.”


“It stills matters if it was important. What have you been-” he turns towards me.


“Look Diana, I love you okay? I've fallen in love in just five weeks. It doesn't matter though. Since you're leaving soon. Plus, I know you don't love me. I'm just a fool. So just say it...” I was speechless. No words come out of my mouth.

I couldn't believe it; Harry Styles, the guy I saw before we met, is in love with me. How ironic. This has to be a fantasy. “Harry, I-” He ran away. “Harry!! Wait!” It was too late; he disappeared into the rain. Oh God. Why didn't I answer back quickly?! I got home and obviously, Harry wasn't around. “Gemma! Where's Harry?”


“He's in his room. He came in soaking wet a few minutes ago and was silent. What happened?”


“I think you might want to sit down for this Gemma.”


A few minutes later...

“Wow. Harry really loves you? Huh. I kind of thought so.”


I looked at her, confused. “What?”


“Let's go to my room.” We get to Gemma's room and she opens a drawer; she pulled out a very familiar notebook and hands it to me. I open it and find Harry's name inside. I flip through it until...Oh my God. Deja vu.


“He's been doodling my name?”


“Yeah. Diana, I've never seen my brother act this way before. Can you shed some light and tell me how you feel about Harry? And trust me; he's no player.”


“Well...” I whispered the answer in her ear.


“Oh...I see. Well goodnight.”


“Goodnight Gemma.”


Two days later...


I am such an idiot. I made a complete fool of myself in front of Diana. I did catch a cold from the rain. And a fever. I've been stuck at home all day. Worst of all, Diana hasn't said anything about two nights ago. It's 19:50, so Diana should be home any minute. I heard a knock on my door. *cough* “Come in.” I said.

Diana walked in with a pastry box, completely silent. “Diana I'm sorry if I was little-”


“Shhhh.” I stayed quiet. “Just open the box Styles.” I open the box and I'm speechless. Inside was a small cake with the words: I love you too Harry. I think my fever broke... “If you'd like,” She began, “we could go out on a date next Sunday.” She smiled at me.


“Sure love. And I know where we can go.”


“Awesome. Well, I'm exhausted. Goodnight.” She kissed my cheek.


“Goodnight love.” What do you know? Love is a piece of cake. Literally.


Cheesy chapter but that's how it is...Only one more chapter to go! Please like, favorite, become a fan, and share. Thanks for reading.


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