My Baker Boy

[Book 1 of My Baker Boy Series] Diana Garcia has a pretty normal but lonely life. But after moving to Indianapolis and meeting her two best friends, she gets the opportunity of her life. She gets to live with another family across the ocean for 6 weeks during the summer. Why? Well, it's to teach her about independence from her family. She doesn't find out about the family until she has a vision of them. What she doesn't know is that she becomes in love with a curly-haired stranger. Will she meet this guy? Or will her visions start to fail her?
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9. Face to Face

Face to Face



The flight to Manchester was alright. Now I'm in a taxi passing through beautiful countryside. I started getting drowsy so I rested me eyes for a bit. Hmm...haven't had any visions lately. Better off with none I guess. I mean if the Styles figured out, they would send me packing home. Visions can be a blessing and yet, a curse. 

I wake up about 30 minutes later and we pass a sign that says, 'Welcome to Holmes Chapel'. As the taxi drives passed the sign, I being to observe Holmes Chapel. A small, but quiet village with good vibes. Awesome place for a summer vacation! Through the window, I notice we start to go by small shops, a park and a school. The taxi takes a left turn and we end up in a neighborhood. After 5 minutes, the taxi driver makes a stop and turns to me. "Miss we're here!" I quickly pay him and open the door and get out. He hands me my bags and drives away. The Styles' house is a small ranch style apartment. I'm about 5 feet away from the door and I'm a bit nervous. But why does this seem so familiar?

I take a deep breath and knock on the door. It opens and a woman with long brown hair and blue eyes comes out. She had an inviting smile on her face. She shakes me hand. "Hello! You must be Diana right? My name is Anne Cox. Please come in!" Cox? I thought this was the Styles. Must be divorced. I step inside and look around. For an apartment, it's pretty spacious. It has modern but antique look. I turn back to Anne and she introduces me to the other two people in the room. "This is my daughter Gemma Styles." Gemma looked a little older than me with a tall and lean body, brown hair and brown eyes.

"Nice to meet you, Diana!" I shake her hand.

"Nice to meet you too Gemma!" Anne then moved over to introduce me to a guy who looks like my age and height. He had curly brown hair and blue green eyes. He was cute, yet he looked familiar...

"And this is my son Harry." Harry. Why does his name ring a bell? As I shook his hand he smiled and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

I blushed a little. "I like your accent." Wuh? Did I just say that out loud?! Everyone let out a small laugh.

"Well, I guess your going to get used to it." He winks. I feel as red as a tomato right now. Keep it together Diana! You can't fall in love with someone you barely know!

"Diana, are you hungry?" Anne asked me.

"As a matter of fact, I am. Airplane food isn't that good."

"Well, follow me. Gemma, can you take Diana's bags to your room?"

"Sure mum!" She takes my bags and disappears. Harry goes after her.

"Well Diana, I hope you have a great summer with us! Are you alright with meatloaf for dinner?"

"Of course Ms. Cox!"

"Oh please, call me Anne!"


I got to my room and put down Diana's belongings. When I turned around, Harry was at the door.  I rolled me eyes. "What do you want now Harry?" Harry had a smirk on his face then he got serious.

"You're lucky she's cute."

"What the heck does that mean?"

"Gemma! Harry! Time for dinner!"

"I'm going to make her mine."

"Wait hold on-" Harry left before I could say another word. I think this is really going to his head...He might become a player...And worst of all, Diana is going to be his first victim.



FYI: I know I should have explained this before, but I will now. Diana's visions are inherited from her mom's side. It usually skips generations. And the generation that doesn't receive visions, has to learn about psychology. Weird right? That's why Mrs. Garcia is a psychologist. Pretty random but it explains it. Also, I just thought of it at the top of my head. Sorry if it doesn't make any sense.




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