Summer Love

The lads from One Direction are mythical creatures and they don't know it until summer camp when they met a five girl group.


11. We Fucked Up!

Perrie's POV

Oh God! Why?! Why is it when ever me and Ailey are in the same room with the others, We fight like assholes? (A/N: Sorry For The Language!) Ailey walked up to me and gave me a huge hug.

"I'm s-so s-sorry! I-I F-Fucked u-up!" Ailey said between sobs.

"It's fine! I'm the one who started it! I'm the one who fucked up!" I said trying to comfort her, I hugged her back.

"We all fucked up." Dani said standing in front of us. We hugged her to. We all cried in each others arms, until we were aloud into El's room.

***In Eleanor's room***

"Hey." I said to El as the tears still coming down my cheeks. I could tell that the other girls were still crying.

"Hey! There is no reason to cry!" She said as we hugged her tight.

"Yes there is we witnessed you almost being killed!" Ailey said through tears.

"Yes but it wouldn't of happened if we didn't fight with each other." El said.

"Where's Rose? We want to apologize for being the reason she transformed." Ailey said, still crying.

"H-hey g-girls." Rose said as she walked in with tears pouring down her face. Ailey, Dani, and I ran up to her and hugged her. She hugged us back, we all pulled out of the hug.

"We are so sorry for arguing and being the reason you transformed!" We all yelled, even El

Eleanor's POV

They ran up to Rose as she walked in and greeted us.

"We are so sorry for arguing and being the reason you transformed!" We all yelled.

"It's okay you guys can't help it it's in your blood." Rose said as she gave off a faint smile.

"Hey Rose did you figure out when I can go?" I asked. She nodded her head.

"Later the Nurse needs to do a quick check up." She said.

"Okay," I said with a nod. We hung out for a few hours until the Nurse walked in to do my check up.

"Girls you will need to leave, Soon it will be curfew." the Nurse said with a friendly smile. I don't want them to leave, but I also don't want to be the reason that they are in trouble.

"Just go I will be fine. Trust me?" I asked/said. They left and got my check up done and was allowed to leave.

"Go and tell Ms. Combroiter so you don't get into trouble for leaving." The Nurse said.

"Okay thanks for all you did!" I said as I walked to find Ms. Combroiter. I found her and told her I was leaving and she said okay.

***At the Cabin***

I took a quick shower before I went to bed. ~Skip Shower~ I stepped out of the shower wrapped a towel around me and quickly got dressed into my pajamas. I walked out of the bathroom to see Harry standing in front of me. I was soon enveloped in a hug I was shocked at first then I silently hugged him back.

"Lou is worried about you." he whispered.

"Really? Then I will go see him in the morning!" I whispered back.

"Well night I only came to see if you were back and okay." Harry said sleepily.

"Night Harry." I giggled because his sleepy voice is a little funny.

***The next day***
I woke up and quickly got dressed and headed to Rose's, Lou's, and Edwards cabin. I knocked on the door.

*knock knock*

The door was open immediately and I was greeted by a red eyed Lou.

"Lou what's wrong? Were you crying?" I asked and hugged him. He hugged back.

"Yeah I was crying. I thought that I-we were going to loose you. They wouldn't let me into your room." he said as he hugged me back.

"I know that me and the girls fucked up but please don't cry anymore." I said to him. He smiled.

"I promise" he said, "I have something I can't hold in any more." He closed the cabin door looking around making sure no one else was around.

"Eleanor Calder,..... I-I L-Love Y-You! Will y-you b-be m-my g-girlfriend?" He stuttered. I gasped and covered my mouth.

"I-I w-would L-love t-to Lou!" I said as tears of joy rolled down my cheeks.

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