Summer Love

The lads from One Direction are mythical creatures and they don't know it until summer camp when they met a five girl group.


31. Um.......What The Fuck?!

Eleanor's POV

I woke up to the smell of blood. I jumped out of bed and ran to see if Aileen was trying any thing again. But all I found was Aileen in a fetal position rocking back and forth. I walked over to her and hug her.

"Ailey? Babe what's wrong?" I ask her.

She hands me a note. I grab it and read it. I let out a gasp. I look at Aileen and see that she's crying. All of the sudden I catch a whiff of fresh blood. I follow the sent to see a girl with purple ombre hair lying lifeless of the ground. I let out a blood curdling scream. Everyone comes running. They stop in their tracks when they see the body.

"KAT?!" Aileen screams

"NO!" She cries

Niall walks over to her and wraps his arms around her. She cries into her chest. Harry walks over to me and whispers

"What's wrong with Aileen? She was in a fetal position when I came out of my room"

I hand him the note and walk over to Niall and Aileen.

"Niall go over and see Harry he has something that you should see." I say as I pull Aileen in to my arms.


Hey, My Lovelies! I am so sorry about the short chapter! Its like 12:50 A.M. here in Arizona. But you should know that this story will be ending soon. *a moment of silence for my beloved story* But there is good news! There will be a sequel!!!!! *Cheers*

P.S. I am doing this with out Mack<3s1d's permission but I will leak some stuff about up coming chapters or about the sequel!!!! YAY!

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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