Summer Love

The lads from One Direction are mythical creatures and they don't know it until summer camp when they met a five girl group.


12. The Dream

Rosette's P.O.V.

"Rosette! Sortir d'ici!" Rosette! Get out of here! A woman screamed at me. 

"Madeleina! Sortir! Les vampires!" Madeleina! Get out! The vampires! A man screamed at the woman.

"Beau!" Madeleina screamed as the man died. "Lisette! Get Rosette d'ici! C'est elle qu'ils vouloir!" Lisette! Get Rosette out of here! It's her they want!

"Rosette!" Lydia screamed. "Venir!" Rosette! Come!

"Lisette!" a little girl with the same name as me screamed. Rosette's small legs making her run to her older sister.

"Non, non! Rosette ici!" No, no! Rosette over here! Lisette picked Rosette up and ran. With her being like 12 years old and Rosette being like 5 years old, Rosette's weight was nothing.

"Ahhhhh!" a scream sounded. 

"Maman!" Mommy! The little girl screamed as loud as she could. Her older sister started to cry. Rosette probably didn't know it, but her and Lisette were now orphans.

"Non!" No! Lisette screamed, suddenly coming to a stop.

"Donner à la fille à nous." Give the girl to us. the leader or the vampires said. Surprisingly, it was my father.

"Non." No. Lisette repeated a lot more firm.

"Désolé à ce sujet alors." Sorry about this then. My father said. Then Lisette threw Rosette in the white snow. Rosette looked up at her. Then my father pushed his hand into Lisette's back, right where her heart was. 

"Tout derniers mots, Lisette." Any last words, Lydia. My father said to her.

"Je t'aime. Je t'aime vraiment, Rosette." I love you. I really love you Rosette. Lisette said to Rosette.

"Je t'aime trop, Lisette." I love you too, Lisette. Rosette said to Lisette. Then my father pulled Lisette's heart out, literally. 

"Une telle honte qu'elle devait mourir." Such a shame she had to die. My father said to the other vampires. Then they laughed. 

"Bonjoir, Rosette." Hello, Rosette. He said to Rosette. 

"Vous êtes un monstre. Un monstre horrible horrible." You're a monster. A horrible, horrible monster. Rosette said to my father, and I actually believed her. 

"Ce n'est pas vrai. Vous ne croyez pas que." That's not true. You don't believe that. My father said to Rosette. 

"Vous avez tué ma maman et mon papa et ma soeur." You killed my mommy and my daddy and my sister. Rosette said to my father. "Et vous n'êtes pas un monstre." And you're not a monster.

"Oui, oui. Je vois pourquoi vous pensez que." Yes, yes. I see why you think that. My father acknowledged. "Mais vous êtes maintenant ma fille." But you're now my daughter.

"Non! Non! S'il vous plaît laissez-moi tranquille!" No! No! Please no! Leave me alone! Rosette screamed as my father bit his wrist letting the blood run down his arm. Then he put his bloodied wrist to Rosette's mouth.

"Boire, Rosette. Boire mon sang maintenant." Drink, Rosette. Drink my blood now. My father said, forcing Rosette to drink his blood. When she (against her will, I could tell) drank 2 gulps, he put his hands on either side off her jaw and twisted breaking her neck and killing her. 

When she got up, she was really thirsty. No, she was hungry. She couldn't tell, she was both. 

"Mettre en avant l'humain!" Bring forth the human! My father called out to the other vampires. His vampires brought a scared human up.

"Qui êtes-vous? S'il vous plaît laissez-moi patir. S'il vous plaît, s'il vous plaît, s'il vous plaît, S'il-" Who are you? Please let me go. Please, please, please,ple- the human woman said. 

"Shhh. Être tranquille maintenant." Shhh. Be quiet now. My father said to the screaming woman. Then he bit her wrist and dragged her to Rosette.

"Boire son sang, Rosette. Manger le sang de l'humain." Drink her blood, Rosette. Drink he human's blood. My father said to Rosette. Rosette had no choice but to drink. Her heart was telling her not to, to die instead. But her mind was saying to drink the human's blood.

"Boire!" Drink! My father yelled at Rosette. So Rosette followed what her mind was saying, and not what her maman (mommy) always told her to do. She drank, and drank, and drank. She drank until her stomach was full. 

Once she was done, she pulled away. What have I just done? She asked herself. My father dropped the human on the ground while Rosette fought back tears. My father picked Rosette up The Lion King style.

"Oui, le premier hybride!" Yes, the first hybrid! My father said to the vampires. Then turned Rosette around to face him. Through the reflection in his eyes. I saw Rosette, and I almost had a heart attack.

"Non! Non! Non! Non! Non!" No! No! No! No! No! I screamed, I was Rosette. And my father, is dead, his name was Beau. My mother is dead, her name was Madeleina. My sister is dead, her name was Lisette. I am Rosette. I am an orphan.


I woke up from my dream screaming.





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