Summer Love

The lads from One Direction are mythical creatures and they don't know it until summer camp when they met a five girl group.


17. How Can We Help?

Liam's POV

After we all introduced ourselves I had a question for Aileen, but Rose is here.

"Hey Harry, Rose why don't you two go out and have some lunch?" I asked them.

"Sure" they said and left.

"Hey Lou why don't we go to the lake?" El asked.

"Okay!" Lou said as he ran and changed.

After they left I asked

"How do we help?"

"Yeah how do we help?" Zayn asked.

"Wait" Aileen said.

We waited for about twenty or thirty minutes before Aileen said

"Lets move somewhere else."

We had walked into the woods a couple feet in we had heard a scream. I looked at everyone and they had worried faces. We were at a full run within seconds. We soon arrived at where we heard the scream.

"What was that scream?!" Aileen screamed in shock.

"I don't know" Niall said quietly.

When we had gotten to the scream there was a girl lying on the ground lifeless. I looked at the body. I turned towards Aileen and saw her face went pale. I rushed to her side and put her face in my chest. Niall and Zayn took the body to the hospital wing. I took Aileen to meet Rose, and Harry. When we arrived Rose rushed over and hugged her tight. Harry went and got Lou and El.

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