Summer Love

The lads from One Direction are mythical creatures and they don't know it until summer camp when they met a five girl group.


15. Gotta make a call

Zayn's POV

After me, Niall and Liam found out about Rosette. I had decided to call my friend Darla. I walked out of the room to call her. She answered after the second ring.

"Hello? Zayn?" Darla.

"Yes. Its me Love" me.

"Oh! So what's up?" her.

"So we kind of got this problem. Would you mind coming here and helping?"

"Sure love. I will be there in a day or two." her.

"Okay! Thanks love!" I said and hung up.

I walked back into the room. Aileen was wondering what I did. So I said

"I told my friend Darla that one of our friends has a little problem. She said that she will be here in a day or two."

"Zayn I hope you understand that others can't know about?" Aileen said in a motherly voice.

"I know, I know. I promise that she can keep a secret!" I said in defense.

Darla's POV

After I got a call from Zayn I went straight to packing. My best friend Piper came into my room.

"So why are you packing?" she asked.

"Long story short, Zayn called and I need to go and help with a problem his friend!" I said in a rush.

She hadn't asked anything further she just helped me pack. We then started singing randomly.

Maybe it's the way he walks

Straight into my heart and stole it

Through the door and past the guards

Just like he already owned it

This song was very catchy. (A/N: This song will be made up in the story. Just because the boys aren't famous)

I said "Can you give it back to me?"

She said "Never in your wildest dreams!"

And we danced all night to
The best song ever
We knew every line
Now I can't remember
How it goes but I know
That I won't forget him
'Cos we danced all night to
The best song ever
I think it went oh, oh, oh
I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah
I think it goes... Woo!

After that we were finished packing. We had a really long hug. I had lived with her since high school. We had a lot of great times together. I had to say goodbye for about a week or two. I had to drive for three hours then had to sit in a boat to get to the Isle Of Man.

~Next day~

When I got to the camp. I was engulfed in a hug. I hugged back and when they pulled back I looked at him.

"Hello Zayn!" I said.

"Hello Love!" he replied.

"So where do I put my stuff?" she asked.

"You put them into the cabin that the instructor tells you." he said.

So we went to the instructor and he told us where to take my stuff. As soon as I walked in I saw a beautiful girl with red hair and green eyes. She was wearing short jean shorts with a crop top that was blue at the top and towards the bottom was light green. Her shoes were cute they were a light blue pair of flats.

"Aileen, Niall this is Darla." Zayn says.

"Hello Darla I'm Aileen but you can call me, A, Ailey, or Ally!" the girl with red hair said.

"Okay Ailey! and you must be Niall?" I asked the blonde boy.

"Yes I am Niall" he said, "But everyone calls me Ni, or Nialler."

"First I would like to say Niall Aileen you two make a cute couple! Second when do I start helping?" I asked/ said.

Ailey's POV

When I met Darla I thought she was the most sweetest girl ever. She had long wavy dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She looked to be 5"2'. She was wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a black under shirt and a crop top with the words 'Love' written across it. Her shoes were to die for! They were black heels there was lace all around them.

"Okay so for your first comment Thanks! And for the second one you will first need to meet everyone!" I said and I could tell her eyes light up.

"Okay!" she said.

We went to meet the others. Niall snaked his arm around my waist so I put my arm around his shoulder.

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