Summer Love

The lads from One Direction are mythical creatures and they don't know it until summer camp when they met a five girl group.


23. Danger?!

Harry's POV

Lou ran back into the cabin ha looked terrified. F*ck! I hate it when he's scared. He quickly grabbed some stuff and ran. I ran after him. My super speed was a perfect match.

"Lou where are you going?" I asked concerned.

"N-n-not n-n-now just run!" he said and ran faster.

Rose was soon at our side running. She also looked terrified. I turned my head to see a old vampire chasing us. I picked up the speed and so did Lou, and Rose.

~3 hours later~

We had been running for a while and he was still chasing us. I was getting really tried. I was about to stop. When Lou picked me up and ran faster.

Aileen's POV

After Lou ran away I noticed some one was watching us. I looked towards the woods and saw him. F*ck! I quickly ran towards the vampire cabin. When I got there I knocked on the door. When the door opened I saw Tom.

"Tom let me in. Please!" I said and he let me in.

"EL!" I yelled, she came running out.

"What?!" she asked.

"I think he's after Rose, Harry, and Lou!" I don't care anymore I just need to protect my friends.

We ran to get the others. But the only Zayn and Niall weren't found. Oh well we needed to go and save the others. El put me on her back and took off. Liam and Perrie took their brooms. And Ed ran along side us. We had finally caught up to Harry, Lou and Rose. But they weren't running they had stopped. That's when I saw it. Rose was on the ground in a pool of blood. Harry was sobbing.

"Ed! Find out where the blood is coming from. Perrie use your healing magic!" I instructed.

"We will need to do this fast if we don't want to lose her!" I said trying not to cry.

"Ailey I found where the blood is coming from!" Ed yelled.

"Good! Now Perrie and Liam use the strongest healing magic you have! I will go after and use some of my magic to help!" I said and they nodded.

I watched as some color came back to Rose's face. When they finished I walked over to Rose and did my special technique. I used some power to transfer blood to her body. After I finished transferring my blood into Rose's body I got dizzy and everything went black.

Rose's POV

I woke up in a room that was every white. I turned my head and saw Harry sleeping in the chair. I smiled and looked on the other side of me and saw someone with red hair. I turned back to Harry. I quickly looked back over to the girl.

"Aileen?!" I almost yelled.

Harry jumped in his seat. He looked at me and his face lit up.

"Rose!" he said as he got up and hugged me.

"Harry, tell me. What happened after I risked myself to save to guys?" I asked.

"Well me and Lou came back for you. But you were in a pool of blood. You had lost so much that I thought that it was to late to save you. I started sobbing. That's when Aileen and the others showed up. Well all of them except Niall and Zayn. Any way, Aileen ordered Ed, Liam, and Perrie to help. Ed searched for your wound. Liam and Perrie used strongest healing spell. And Aileen I don't know what she did. She just sat next to you put her hands over your heart and fainted" Harry said as he remembered what happened.

Aileen put her hands over my heart? She didn't! Oh my gawd! She used her blood transfer technique! I really hope that I hadn't lost to much blood, because if I did then she could die soon!

"Harry. I have to tell you something very important! Aileen might of seemed like she didn't do anything she transferred her blood to me. So I need you to tell me how much blood I lost! Because if it was a lot Aileen may die!" I say needing answers.

"You lost almost all of it" Harry says.

"Wait! Did you say she might die?!" Harry asked worriedly.

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