Curly haired boy

Lily is 18 years old and she lives with her dad. Each day for 10 years he abuses her mentally and physically. She never fights back. She's alone in the world and doesn't cope until a certain curly haired boy. Can he help her or will he break her more.


4. The diner

Lily's POV 

I sat there with this random guy across from me. I don't know why he sat down at my table. There were literally empty ones everywhere. I didn't know how to act considering I really only talk to my dad, the waitress, and well myself. But don't get me wrong he was pretty cute. He had bright green eyes and curly long brown hair. And when he smiled his dimples showed which gave me butterflies. But then I remembered what my dad has been telling me for 10 year. No guy will ever like you. You're too fat and ugly. That's why your mom and brother left. And that's why I'm stuck with you. as I remembered tears started falling from my eyes and when I looked up from my hands at the curly haired boy and he looked worried "Lily? Are you okay? Did I say something wrong?" I was trying to say something but no words came out. So I simply shook my head and ran out. I didn't really want to go home so i ran past my house, I was going to the park about a mile away. When I made it there I sat on the swing and just cried. I cried for a good 30 minutes until someone put they're hand on my back and I jumped off the swing scared. 


Harrys POV

She ran out and I sat there for a minute and then got up and ran. I'll admit she runs really fast and I had no idea where she was going bcz I just moved to town but when I spotted her she was on a swing at this broken down park. I didn't have the courage to say anything so I just watched her cry. For some weird reason it hurt me to see her like this so I built up the courage and put my hand on her back to comfort her but as my hand touched her she jumped off the swing startled. I stepped backwards. Then we just stood there staring at each other for awhile. Then her phone beeped and when she looked at the screen she looked terrified, she looked up at my confused face and just took off running again. But when she turned her hair moved just enough to show me a black and purple bruise on the side of her neck. I followed behind her making sure she didn't see me. But she opened a door to a small house that looks like it should be abandon and when she stepped in I could hear some guy screaming and yelling. From 3 doors down. The lady across the street opened her door, she must've heard the screaming but she just looked down and shook her head. Then she turned around and closed the door. I was confused on how these people didn't do anything but it must've been common. I was about to walk back to the cafe where my car is when I heard a high pitched scream coming from Lily's house. Instantly I ran to the door and knocked. 

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