Curly haired boy

Lily is 18 years old and she lives with her dad. Each day for 10 years he abuses her mentally and physically. She never fights back. She's alone in the world and doesn't cope until a certain curly haired boy. Can he help her or will he break her more.


2. That night

 I was just laying in bed when I heard the front door swing open and my father yell. "LILY?! Where are you? Come here you little slut!" I immediately sprint down the stairs and when I do I can tell he's drunk by the smell of alcohol from his breath. "Why are you just standing there?" He snarls. " called me down.." I stuttered. "Go get me a drink" he said as I was about to go to the kitchen he told me to stop and look at him. I turned around and he laughed to himself. "Look at you, why are you wearing makeup?? No one will ever like you or even think you're pretty. You're just a fat ass bitch who needs to learn her place." Tears threatened to spill out of my eyes, but I simply nodded and walked to the kitchen, grabbed a beer and set it by the couch where my father was headed. I started back upstairs when he yelled, "what you're not going to spend time with your father?? Get back down here and sit with me" I obeyed and sat down. "Now was that so hard," he said placing his hand on the top of thigh. "What..what are you doing?" I said getting uncomfortable. "Nothing harmful calm down. It will be over before you know it" he said but I jumped off the couch and ran to my room. " NOW YOUVE DONE IT" he screamed as he ran after me. I had already made it to my room and locked the door. I sighed in relief and slid down the door breathing heavily. "Open this door right now young lady!" He shook the handle, furious. "Fine. I'll invite myself in." And with that he kicked down the door sending me flying across the room. I quickly recovered and sat up against the wall. My father crossed the room, grabbed me by the hair and whipped me on the bed. I screamed out in pain but he just grinned. "Don't scream you whore" I cried and screamed as he undressed me and kissed every part of me. He had his fun with me and left my room leaving me naked and crying in bed. 




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