Curly haired boy

Lily is 18 years old and she lives with her dad. Each day for 10 years he abuses her mentally and physically. She never fights back. She's alone in the world and doesn't cope until a certain curly haired boy. Can he help her or will he break her more.


5. Her house

Lily's POV

after I ran home from the park I walked into my house and my dad starts yelling at me asking me questions about where I've been. But he didn't believe me when I said I was at the park. That's when he got furious. He punched me in the stomach and sent me flying backward, my head slammed into the counter and I fell to the floor. My father walked up and kicks my side that already had a bruise it hurt so bad I let out a scream. Immediately i regret it. My father looked at me and was about to hit me again when there was a knock at the door. 

"answer the door" he said sternly. 

I quickly got up and walked to the door. When I opened the door I saw the familiar curly haired boy. "What..why...did you follow me?" I asked tripping over my words. He looked at me with wide eyes and that's when I realized my head was bleeding from hitting the counter. "What happened?" He asked with a hint of fear in his eyes. "What? Nothing I just hit my head" I lied. "LILY?! WHOS AT THE GOD DAMN DOOR?" My dad screams. "You need to leave. Right now. Please." I told him with tears spilling. He looked terrified but he ran. I closed the door and walked back to my dad. When he saw me he slapped me across the face and told me to go upstairs so he doesn't have to look at me. I nodded and ran up to my bathroom, grabbed the razor and cut into my wrist. 1 cut. 2 cuts. 3 cuts. I put it down and let satisfaction fill my eyes as the blood runs down my skin. 

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