Summer Love

Ella has been Liam's best friend since they were 6 years old. They are now both 22 years old (not in real life, in the story). When Ella decides to go on tour with Liam, she meets Liam's girlfriend, Sophia, and they become really good friends. Ella has a secret to hide, what is it? Niall has a secret Crush on Ella. Will Ella confess her secret to everyone? Read to find out......... There will be a sequel.


10. The end

 The story is over. sorry it was short, but this is my first movella so please don't judge me I promise my next book will be longer and better! I noticed that in some chapters you had to flip through some extra blank pages and also some of my words got combined together but when I was typing it I was perfect, so I'm sorry for that too.

Plz read my next book!


Summer Love pt 2

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