Summer Love

Ella has been Liam's best friend since they were 6 years old. They are now both 22 years old (not in real life, in the story). When Ella decides to go on tour with Liam, she meets Liam's girlfriend, Sophia, and they become really good friends. Ella has a secret to hide, what is it? Niall has a secret Crush on Ella. Will Ella confess her secret to everyone? Read to find out......... There will be a sequel.


2. Should i go? yes or no?

Ella's P.O.V.

''Hey mom, Liam is coming over later today to hang out before he goes on tour." "okay El that's fine."

I haven't seen Liam since he asked me if I wanted to go on tour with him and that about 2 weeks ago. I hope he's not mad that I said no. I mean I really want to go but I don't have a choice, like I said earlier, Sophia will be there and I don't things to be awkward between us.


Liam's here.

Liam's P.O.V.

I just walked up to Ella's house and she answered the door with a fake smile. "Hi El, how are you?" I asked "I'm great, you?" she sounded upset. "Ella are you okay?'' I asked very concerned. ''Yes, I'm fine, why do ask?'' now she sounded mad. ''Well, it's just that you don't sound very happy.'' ''I'm not happy, but it's complicated.'' she said. '' Doubt it.'' I joked. ''Come on just tell me what's wrong.'' I really needed to know.

''I don't want you to leave!'' she was about to cry, her eyes were very watery. I tried to comfort her but she pushed me  away. ''Please come with me on tour!'' I begged her for about thirty minutes and she finally gave in. ''You and Sophia will get along so well.'' I told her. She argued with me about that, '' Liam, we've only met once.'' ''Yeah but, she told me she was going to take you shopping.'' I lied. ''Really, she told you that?'' ''......Ye....ah....'' I was very hesitant to answer. I didn't want to lie but it was the only was to get her go. ''Okay, fine, I'll go, let me go tell my mom, and pack my things.'' ''Okay, but hurry up we leave in an hour to catch the plane.'' I yelled. ''Really, you could have come sooner to give me more to get ready.'' ''Sorry.''

Ella's P.O.V.

He begged me. How could I say no? I'm packing my bags right getting ready to go and apparently Sophia wants to take me shopping. So I guess that will be fun. " You almost ready?'' Liam yelled from the living room. ''Yeah, here I come.'' I said. ''Hi Liam,'' my mom is now starting conversation with Liam. '' Hi, Kari.'' Liam responded. '' Have fun with Ella and take care of her.'' ''ok, I can do that.'' He said. '' Mom, we gotta go.'' I interrupted. ''ok, well have fun.'' she said and hugged me.

We are now on our way to Liam's house to pick up Sophia. Then we will going to airport. When we got to Liam's house Sophia was already standing outside waiting for us. I got out of the car and climbed to the back, so that Liam and Sophia could be by each other.

Sophia's P.O.V.

When Liam pulled into the driveway his best friend got out and got in the backseat. I was surprised. Liam called me while he was at her house and told I had to take her shopping and out to lunch, just to get to know her better. I'm really excited!! I love shopping and making new friends! When I got in the car I turned around to talk to her and we talked the whole entire drive and the whole entire plane ride! '' You girls never shut-up, do you?'' Niall asked. ''they've been talking since I picked them up!'' Liam said. '' I'm sorry mate.'' Niall said jokingly.

''So, where do u wanna shop?'' I had to ask. '' Well, we are in Illinois, one of the smaller U.S. states, so we can drive down to Tuscola and go to outlet mall, it looks pretty big.'' she sounded very excited. ''Sure, how far away is it?'' ''From where we are (Champaign) about an hour.'' ''Okay, lets get going.''


''Liam, we are leaving to go shop, we'll be back in time for your concert.'' I told him. ''Okay, have fun!'' he sounded happy that we got along so well.

I was glad there was another girl here with me. Perrie was gonna come with Zayn but she is on tour as well. She has her own band called Little Mix. Elenour couldn't come she had to work. So with Ella being here this would be fun. We got along really well. She was always so positive and helpful! I love that about her. She (right now) is considered my new BFF.
































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