Summer Love

Ella has been Liam's best friend since they were 6 years old. They are now both 22 years old (not in real life, in the story). When Ella decides to go on tour with Liam, she meets Liam's girlfriend, Sophia, and they become really good friends. Ella has a secret to hide, what is it? Niall has a secret Crush on Ella. Will Ella confess her secret to everyone? Read to find out......... There will be a sequel.


3. Shop, Eat, Sing, Sleep.

Ella's P.O.V.

*I'm not British. I was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My mom was transferred to Wolverhampton, United Kingdom when I was four years old. I met Liam at Singing Summer Camp. We had boy vs girl sing and dance battles and the top two from each gruop would compete for a medal. We went to that camp from ages 6-13 and when we turned fourteen we were staff members at the camp. On our very last year I sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow'' and Liam sang ''Breakeven,'' we both won! We were best friends at camp since day three, and I thought it was miraculous that we both won. Liam met Sophia when we were fifteen and I guess that was the first time I met her, I didn't like her I honestly thought she was a mean, selfish little diva. But now that I'm getting to know her better, she's like nicest person ever. She is my second best friend.*


I set my journal down when we got to the store, and Sophia looked shocked that I had journal. ''Hey, is that a journal?'' she asked. ''Um...yeah.'' I answered. ''That's something I'll have to buy, my other one is already out of pages.'' she said as she pulled a purple notebook out of her purse. "You have a journal too?'' I was shocked. ''Yeah, but I've never told anyone because honestly a 22 year with a diary??'' she was happy! ''True.'' I agreed.


We got to the store and shopped till we dropped, literally. My feet were killing me. Each went to 4 different stores, and we were at each store for thirty to fourty-five minutes. We each got a new journal, two new pairs of shoes and five new outfits. If we compared what we bought I would say my outfits were BOOM bright and Sophia's were BANG dark. We definitely has different fashion sense.

''Lunch time!!!!!" Sophia said, and she sounded very excited. "Good cause I'm starving!'' I stated. "Where should we eat at?" she asked. " about Monical's Pizza, we can stop bye and get our pizza to go.'' I said. ''Ooo, sounds good!'' Yep, she was hungry.


We left the restaurant and headed straight back to the hotel. ''Hurry up girls, we leave in ten minutes, the concert starts at 8:00'' Liam yelled. It was 6:00 pm and we were rushing, I changed into my new purple top, white skinny jeans, and my zebra bobs. I did my hair and was done in five minutes. When I got to the lobby everyone was already and waiting for me. 

''Okay, lets go.'' Zayn said. 



The concert started right on time, and all you could here were some fans screaming. The first song they sang was "Up All Night'' and the last song they sang was there very first single "What Makes You Beautiful"  Sophia and I sang along to every song and we ate some free food we saw sitting out backstage. Yum. I had so much today.

When we got to the hotel it was 11:30 and everyone was sooo tired. We all went to our rooms and went to sleep. Everyone shared a room except me, cause well, you know. Liam and Sophia shared a room. Harry and Louis shared a room. Niall and Zayn a room. I had the smallest room and it was the only room with one bed. GOODNIGHT. 


























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