Summer Love

Ella has been Liam's best friend since they were 6 years old. They are now both 22 years old (not in real life, in the story). When Ella decides to go on tour with Liam, she meets Liam's girlfriend, Sophia, and they become really good friends. Ella has a secret to hide, what is it? Niall has a secret Crush on Ella. Will Ella confess her secret to everyone? Read to find out......... There will be a sequel.


4. Marry Me

Sophia's P.O.V.

Liam and I have been dating since we were fifteen. It has been wonderful. I always had such a great life. Today is our eight year dating anniversary. I got him a present when I was shopping with Ella. Ella is the only person who knows what I got Liam, well besides me... duh! I thought about telling the boys, but I'm not sure they can keep secrets. I mean they can try but how well do you think it will go?

''Good Morning, beautiful.'' Liam said as I woke up. ''Morning handsome, and happy eight year dating anniversary.'' I said still half asleep. ''Happy anniversary to you too sweet heart.'' his kind eyes and sweet smile were so attractive. We got out of bed and went down to a reserved party room they had at the hotel, the party room was connected to the pool, so we went swimming with the boys and Ella and then we had cake and wine to celebrate. Ella gave me a present right after I got done eating. Then the boys started giving me presents too.  ''Um, guys it's not my birthday.'' I told them. ''We know, it's an anniversary present.'' Louis said. ''Ok, whatever.'' I said. Ella and the boys also got presents for Liam. ''Thank you.'' he said, ''this wasn't necessary though.'' ''Hey mate, you've been dating for eight years, so you deserve a present.'' Harry told Liam. ''Ok.'' Liam responded.

After we opened presents we went swimming for about thirty more minutes and then we went back to our rooms. It was lunch time and Liam said he wanted to take me out to lunch. ''Babe, before we leave I have something for you.'' I called to him. ''Ok, sure.'' he said.

I gave a small present wrapped in red wrapping paper. He opened it and smiled, he gave a kiss that lasted about ten seconds, and hugged me tight. ''Thank you so much Sophia!'' He practically yelled it, I think he's excited. I bought him a new car, it seated fifteen  people enough for all the boys and their girls, and possibly their kids. I wrapped the keys and a photo of the car. that's why the wrapping was so small.

After he finished obsessing about his car, we left (in the car). We got to Olive Garden at 12:30. When we finished eating our meals we ordered dessert. When we got the yummy ice cream, fancy romantic music started to play and Liam got out of his seat a stood right in front of me for about five seconds, then he got down on one knee, held out a tiny box, opened it, and.............


Sophia Marie Delgado,

             ''Will You Marry Me?''

''YES, YES, YES,'' I was crying I couldn't believe it!


He slid the ring on my finger, kissed me, and we left.

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