The Resort


1. C.1-The Memory

We finished our last song, the crowd of screaming fans were almost deafening. The boys and I bowed, all of us were exhausted after the encore they begged us for. Still though, the fans cheered in unison for another one, no one seemed to want this concert to end. Although we were drenched in sweat, it was our last show of our European tour and decided to add an extra song as a special goodbye, at least until the summer was over. I wrapped my arms around Liam and Niall, they did the same with Zayn and Louis. We huddled together and were forced to decide on another encore.

"We've already done one", Zayn said, he having a sore throat made me realize how difficult this concert had been for him.

"I think it should be up to Zayn", Louis put in, "I mean he's the sick one here."

We nodded our heads in agreement. I reassured him the fans would live if we just left now.

Zayn just shook his head and laughed. "No, this is our last show for this tour, let's give them a hell of a time!" He sent the fans a huge smile then motioned the band to play 'They Don't Know About Us'.


The crowd went insane, throughout the entire tour, this was the only song we hadn't preformed yet. We jumped around, making the beat a bit faster than the normal version but the fans didn't seem to mind. I quickly sang my lines and did back up on a few of Zayn's parts, he was struggling but he flashed me a thumbs up, letting me know he'd survive. That's one things I love about my band mates, they don't give up no matter how much they want to sometimes.

Louis solo was coming up and he sent me a quick wink before jogging over to me, standing so close to me I almost took a few steps back but I just stood still, a curious expression on my face. He stared directly into my eyes and sang,

"they don't know how special you are. They don't know what you've done to my heart. They can say anything they want 'cause they don't know 'bout us".

He finished his part and left, giving Liam a high five before skipping around aimlessly like the rest. The crowd erupted in screams and a small chant of 'Larry' was strung out. I stood speechless for a moment before I pulled my thoughts together and went through my lines with as much emotion as I could muster up. It had been months since he pulled a Larry stunt, so my confusion was most likely plastered on my face. We wrapped up the song and made our final bow to the crowd. The fans, not very orderly, bowed back making the boys and I had to laugh at how amazing our they are.

"Thank you so much Germany! We can't wait to come back next year!" Liam yelled as Zayn waved. Next thing we see is Niall and Louis scream goodbye before sprinting backstage like idiots. Probably to make sure they don't start asking for an encore again. We waved a final time and joined the two backstage.

"Guys that was epic!" I yelled crashing to the couch next to Niall. Liam flung both of his arms around Zayn and Louis, nodding his head in agreement.

"Yeah," Liam added, "especially when I dared Louis to show the fans some last minute Larry!" He started grinning and laughed with Louis.

"Dared?" I asked a little confused, okay a lot confused.

"Liam thought it would be a good idea to leave them hanging for the summer with some bromance moment." Zayn shrugged, not making eye contact with me. He had been the one I always went to for advice and troubles after the incident with management. I shook the thought away and laughed along with them, not showing emotion to mask my disappointment in the fact that I thought Louis was going to come back around. Don't be stupid Harry, I told myself.

We grabbed our things and snuck past the group formed outside waiting for us, the bus filled with our musicians left, distracting the crowd while we left in the other direction to avoid a mob. I walked in a haze, this was supposed to be a great night and it was, the fans were incredible and we joked like usual but then Louis had to go and mess with my feelings again. We climbed on the bus and Niall immediately began jumping in his seat, he kept repeating that he was so buzzed after tonight and wanted them to stay up and play a game or something.

"C'mon Liam, please?" He begged, he was usually like this after shows but Liam had a soft spot so agreed to stay up. Zayn tried to lay down on the couch but Niall just sat on him.

"You have to stay up!" he smiled, "we could play truth or dare?"

He laughed and sat up, ruffling Niall's hair he said, "okay, okay. But only because your cute." He finished the last part by rolling his eyes. They looked to Louis who cheerfully sat with his legs crossed on the floor next to Liam, then everyone looked at me. I wasn't about to join them to a game of truth or dare after my thoughts were scrambled, I was too afraid I'd say something secret by mistake.

"No thank you", I simply stated while heading to the bunks. I heard Niall pout and looked as if he was going to protest. "Not tonight Niall, I am tired." I shut the curtain and closed my eyes. No matter how hard I tried not too, the thoughts of that day in the office kept making its way to the front of my mind. And soon enough I was asleep, having the same nightmare as almost every night.




"Now that we discussed that, here Louis, meet Eleanor Calder. Eleanor's going to be your new girlfriend." The girl smiled politely but didn't show much interest to the situation. 

"What are you talking about, new girlfriend?", Louis protested, shocked at the fact that they hadn't been in Modest!s office for more than 10 minutes and this is what happened.

"You know what I'm talking about so don't pretend. We can't have this sick 'Larry Stylinson' going on any longer!" His voice boomed and he was making it seem like we were committing a crime.

"But Har-" Louis tried to interject, but Mr.Thomas wouldn't let him continue.

"But Harry nothing, Louis! We can't have our biggest money makers being homosexual, especially with another band member! Now straighten up and do as you are told or so help me ill make sure you're careers go down the drain."

Louis stood frozen, he had his arms crossed to avoid clenching his fists in front of their manager. The entire room filled with silence as the rest of the boys sat helplessly, all eyes were on Louis and Harry. None of them had been able to guess what they were here for after Simon called claiming things were soon going to be different. It had been discreet and hushed until now, a huge blowout between Louis and Mr.Thomas. Harry was forced to keep his mouth shut as they battled this out, Louis was the good actor, the tough one, that's why they chose him to take Eleanor. But Louis was headstrong, even though everyone could see defeat on his face he still tried.

"This is pathetic! You're scared the fans will stop supporting us but if they were true fans they'd stay behind us the whole time." He had a point but that doesn't mean management saw the same view.

"We cannot have you and Harry in a relationship! Get it through your head that it would kill your chances of a large, strong fan base. We need you all to appeal to the females to raise production!"

The battle went on for a couple hours, Harry interrupting some but being brushed off quickly. Then it happened, Mr.Thomas reached out and gripped Louis arm tightly.

"My office, Louis. Now."

Louis gave his friends a shaken look, regret for not doing a better job at defending Harry, but mostly, a knowing look that let them know when he came out, he wouldn't be the same. He turned and walked into his office, once more he turned to Harry. Harry had tears streaming down his red cheeks, he never muttered a sound for fear of making things worse. Louis looked directly at Harry and whispered,

"I'm so sorry, I'm going to do what's best for us."

Louis made himself hold back emotion and closed the door behind him. It was only a moments pause before Harry was sobbing, on the floor gasping for air. He couldn't hold it back anymore he hated himself for not going in there with him, for not being able to do anything about this situation. All the others could do was help Harry to the couch, Zayn holding him while Harry cried harder than he ever had before.


"If I do this, can Harry and I still live together?"

"For the time being, yes. Just keep your private lives away from the public eye", he jabbed a finger in my direction, "and that means no more Larry moments, friendly way maybe but no more. So we've come to an agreement Tomlinson?" Mr.Thomas half grinned.

Louis nodded solemnly, the assistant reached out to him but he jerked away, not letting his eyes move from the window. She backed up again, sympathy showed on her face but it was almost just as quickly replaced with an emotionless expression. Louis couldn't take any more, he opened the door but he was stopped by the manager laughing. He jerked his head to the side, furious that their manager could laugh about this.

"Just think Louis, you always wanted to be an actor. Think of this as an opportunity, you should thank me."

Louis stepped out into the lounge, but he was so drained he couldn't make himself slam that office door like he wanted too. So he pulled it shut and turned to Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn, scared of what was to come next.




I jerked awake. Tears filling my eyes at the thought of it all over again. I forced myself to wipe them away and finally calmed my breathing. That's when I heard muffled voices from the main area.
I couldn't make out exactly who was saying what at first.

"He was crying again."

"Cut him some slack, he isn't as strong as you Louis."

"I didn't mean that in a bad way, I just- I was just saying."

I finally caught on that it was Zayn who was talking to Louis. I wanted so bad to just put in my headphones and not listen but they were in my bag which was next to the sofa. So I had no choice.

"Louis, why did you do that tonight on stage? I know you consider it as jokes but to do that after you shut him out? Not cool."

"Excuse me but I don't consider what we had as a joke. I just took Liam up and decided to have a little fun, just because you are too serious doesn-"

"Doesn't mean what? You think I like hearing Harry crying in his sleep like he has been the past 5 months? Or that he had to stay at my house many times because while you said your goodnights and slept, he was silently crying, hoping it was a dream?"

"Zayn, I'm happy with Eleanor, and Harry could easily move out if he wasn't happy living with me. Besides he got over that, we've been good friends like before so no problems."

They were raising their voices now but a harsh shush that came from the bunk above me, being Liam, quieted them.

"You aren't happy Louis, when are you going to stop pretending to be happy? I've seen the way you and Eleanor are, when you're not around cameras your never touching and when you're not with Eleanor in general, your in Modest!s office. They are corrupting you!"

"We're done talking about this."

Although Louis voice was meant to come out as toughness, there was a small fault in it. I knew enough about him to hear it. I slowly turned my back to the curtain and pretended to be asleep for a while longer, even though my muscles were aching, it would be to obvious that I overheard if I 'woke up' now.

Thankfully I didn't have to sit there long, because Niall's phone rang and he called all of us to the front of the bus, Liam shook me and I faked a wake up, he seemed to buy it and told me we were needed. I dragged my feet and fell onto the couch, I was laid out on my stomach and instead of letting me move, Zayn and Niall sat on my back. I smiled, they can always make me feel better even if it's a only for a little while.

Niall was quick to his feet as he nearly screamed, he put the phone on speaker.

"Hello boys, I tried telling Niall but as you can see, he wanted you guys to hear it first hand. Now I'm going to start by saying you did a incredible job at tonight's performance! Simply amazing, and for that I have a surprise for you boys. You know that secluded island off the shores of the Bahamas?"

"Of course, why?" I asked.

"Well it's celebrity exclusive only so, it took over a month with management to clear this, but since you weren't planning on leaving Germany for at least a month, we want to send you guys there and you won't have to worry about fans for 6 weeks! Now am I awesome or what?"

There was no way we could hate Simon, only he could pull this off. Zayn spoke up, asking something that I was partly afraid to ask, "what's the catch Simon?"

We heard a loud laugh, "no catch boys, well not really. All they want is for you to spend those weeks writing songs for your new album coming up, I mean that's nothing compared to what it could have been! So are you boys in? You won't have your cell phones either, you'll leave them off at the front desk and they've been strictly told to not let you have them until the end of the 6 weeks. Not anything against you it's just the fans seem to be able to hack into anything so we don't want the chance."

Liam sighed but we all agreed that, with Modest! this was the best deals so we told Simon that we were in. "When do we leave?"

"Saturday, that will make it so your six weeks starts Sunday when you land, you'll have 2 days to pack."

We quickly thanked Simon and hung up. It was clear we were all excited about this, who wouldn't be!

"Guys this will be perfect, the beach, no fans, just a break. We haven't had a real break since the X factor." Liam cried in happiness. 

Simon had given us the website name and the lot number of which would be ours. Honestly, I imagined one really large house, kind of like the X factor house but instead it was one, good sized main building. The slide showed us a living area, kitchen, and a room assumed to be a game room, loaded with billiards and air hockey along with a small bar on the left. Next we saw a arial view and there were 2 smaller buildings on either side, both having 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. I realized we were getting separated but who was to go where I didn't know.

"How are we going to decide who sleeps in which one?" I asked and Louis was the first to speak up.

"You and I will take the left one and they can take the other!" He smiled brightly. I beamed right back.

"I still get to share with Lou! Yay!" I enthused. I know we had that episode a couple hours ago but I had already made the decision that I was going to pretend I was fine again, the very thing I've been doing since the incident.

Zayn seemed hesitant as always but nodded, he smiled at Liam and Niall. Niall was more than happy to go along with it and we looked through more of the websites pictures to see what all the island had. It seemed to have a pretty large sized fair area, other than that it was mostly things like boat tours and water skiing courses if you don't own your own boat. I was starting to think that there was no places to eat but when I clicked on it in the categories, it showed over 30 restraints within a 10 minute drive from our lot. Looks like a different place every day!

The boys headed to bed while I continued scrolling through the island, I stopped when I saw all the reserves list for the summer. I skimmed through but either wasn't friends with the guests or didn't know them. Half way through I closed the laptop and sat up, I nearly screamed.

"Louis! You could have warned me you were sat next to me!" I grumbled still startled.

"Silly, it's not my fault you were too wrapped up in the laptop to notice. I'm hurt really!" He stuck his bottom lip out and pretended to pout.

"Awh Lou! Forgive me? I promise I'll take you to that fair place when we get there."

He peeked over at me and I have him my best smile, he sighed, "okay Harry but you owe me a trip to the fair". He laughed and stood up stretching. I couldn't resist, I slapped him bum and started whistling pretending it wasn't me.

He swung around, "Harry Styles, how dare you!" he shrieked, holding in a laugh.

I looked up innocently, "what? It wasn't me!" I smiled and left to go to my bunk. I heard him gasp behind me.

"So not over Harry", he scoffed and went to his bunk.

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