Hogwarts new girl

Carly Halford has left France and her beloved Beauxbatons Academy and is off on an adventure to Hogwarts back in England where she spent her whole life until she was ten. Now she is 16 she feels like it is a new start for her back where she really belongs. But will everything go to plan and will Carly struggle to get over the differences between Hogwarts and Beauxbatons????


2. Meeting people

'Erm... yeah sure,' I said uncertainly. The girl stepped into the compartment and was followed by the ginger haired boy. After him came the boy I had thought was Harry Potter and now I was certain because I could clearly see the lightening bolt scar on his forehead and I recognized this boy from the papers. They all sat down on one side of the and started staring at me not saying a word.

'So... I'm Hermione,' said the girl, 'Hermione Granger. This is Ron Weasley,' she said indicating to the ginger boy sitting next to her, 'and this is Ha - '

'Harry Potter,' I interrupted her. I stared at his scar and when he saw me he looked away quickly obviously embarrassed. Then I looked away too, blushing furiously. It was only then that I realised that the boy called Ron was goggling at me.

'Why have I never seen you before at Hogwarts?' he blurted out rudely. 'Um well, I've only just moved back to England from France. I've lived here since I was ten years old but then when my mum got a new job we had to move. I only found out I was a witch a few months after we moved but if we had known we wouldn't have gone so far away.'

I blushed again for blurting out all that about my boring life. 'So, are you muggle born?' Ron inquired.

'No, my dad was a wizard but he left us a long time ago. I can hardly remember him now.'

'But if you knew you were a witch, where did you learn if you didn't come to Hogwarts?' I had no idea why this boy wanted to know so much about me, but before I could blurt out some more rubbish Hermione answered for me.

'She went to Beauxbaton Academy of course!' she said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. When she wasn't looking I saw Ron make a face at her and I had to quickly suppress a giggle.

'So, what was your old school like?' Harry asked. 'Well, the uniforms were a lot lighter than this,' I said looking down at the huge, heavy cloak and robes I was wearing. 'But I suppose that is just because of the difference in the weather. As well as learning magical subjects we had to learn how to walk in synchronization down the corridors which I think is a complete waste of time. We also had to learn how to smile properly! I mean come on!'

Again I blushed for blurting out so much, but Ron seemed interested.

'You had to learn how to walk down the corridors in synchronization?'

'Um... yeah?' I t came out like a question.

Hermione looked kind of weirdly at me and didn't seem to like the way that Ron was so interested about me. Was she jealous? 

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