Why Are You So Afraid (Union J)

A girl, a skateboard, and an undying crush. Where will it take her?


6. "Your late."

Tyler drove me to school when the weekend ended and he grabbed crutches out of trunk, "Your welcome." I smiled, "Thanks." I walked to school, well crutched (If that's a reall thing) and walked up to my locker, "Hey, do you need help?" I looked over to George, "Yea." He walked over to my locker and asked for my combination, "25-33-45." He nodded, "Kay, Um what do you take, besides English?" I shrugged, "Algerbra, Science, History, Creative Writing, Chemistry, and Band." He grabbed my books, "Sit on the bench." I sat on the bench and he grabbed my bookbag, "Here. You have no reason to come back to your locker. Your welcome." I smiled, "Thanks." He grabbed the bag, "Come on, we have a class to get to." I stood up and looked at the bag, "I know you have don't have Science first." He shrugged, "I don't mind being late. For a worthy cause." I laughed, "Me. And don't you have a girl you want to get to know?" He smiled, "I am getting to know her. She's really funny, sweet, and she doesn't complain about my monkeys. I think I might ask her out." I looked down, "Oh, I hope you have fun."

George POV
I took her bag to class and walked down the hallway, "Have a pass?" I shook my head, "Um Tatum broke her ankle and took her bag to class for her, I have my books for History." Mr. Stevens nodded, "Okay, I'll be asking Tatum." I nodded, "Okay, I'm carrying her bag for her all day. So I apologize in advance if I'm late to any of my classes." He pulled out a notepad and wrote something down, "Okay, show this to your teachers to show you have a reason for being late." I grabbed the paper, "Thanks." I walked down the hallway and walked to history, "Your late."

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