Why Are You So Afraid (Union J)

A girl, a skateboard, and an undying crush. Where will it take her?


8. "Teorge or Gatum?"

George wrapped his arm around me and pulled me on his chest as we watched a movie, a funny one. Not sad. "Georg-" My brother walked in and George smiled, "It's time for me to leave?" He nodded, "Okay, I'll see ya tomorrow Tatum." He kissed my forehead and got up, "Bye George." He smiled, "Bye Tatum." Tyler sat down, "What are you thinking?" I shrugged, "I don't know." Tyler smiled, "My job is to protect you. But, I don't think I need to on this one." He kissed my forehead and I laughed, "Night Tyler." He laughed, "Night Tatum."


I went to the doctor's office and I crutched inside (Kinda my thang) "Tatum?" I looked at the receptionist and smiled, "That's me." He laughed, "Your right on time, you can go on back." I crutched into the small room and sat on the seat that was covered in paper, "Tatum?" I nodded, "That's me." The doctor nodded, "Okay, how your ankle feeling?" I shrugged, "Fine. Hasn't been hurting, don't need the pills. Actually my friend George started moving it last night, it didn't hurt." She smiled, "Well that's great. But, we still need to get you X-Ray'd." I nodded, "Okay."


After I got home in my brace, I saw George pulling into my driveway, "Hey. New accessories?" I laughed, "Haha. Very funny. This is my brace, no more crutches." He smiled, "So skateboard?" I laughed, "No, not yet." He nodded, "Okay, how about date's?" I shrugged, "Well, the doctor didn't say anything about that." He kissed me, "This Saturday? The fair?" I nodded, "It's a date." He smiled and grabbed my waist and we started swaying back and forth, "Aww how cute." Tyler laughed, "You two are weird. But Cute. I guess Gatum or Teorge forever." George laughed, "There cute, yet creepy." I laughed, "Just a smidge."

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