Why Are You So Afraid (Union J)

A girl, a skateboard, and an undying crush. Where will it take her?


7. Our First Kiss

I looked at my phone when I heard a beeping, 5 messages from George, 10 missed calls from George. I set down my phone, why am I ignoring George you might ask, let's back up a few weeks.


"Tatum, Tatum, Tatum." I stopped, "You know it's hard to turn around in crutches George. Come around." He smiled, "Forgot. Maybe I should carry you to class." He grabbed my bag, "George, I'm fine." He picked me up, "We both can't be late." He grabbed my crutches and ran to our classroom, I saw the whole class laughing at me, can I blame them? He sat me down in my seat and smiled, "I'm your personal taxi." A few boys stared at me, "She's got you on a whip Georgie." He glared at them, 
"What's that supposed to mean?" They shrugged, "Broken ankle and your carrying her. Pretty whipped to me." He shrugged them off, "I'll be in the back."


That wasn't all, he grabbed my lunch, carried me to the toilet's and everything inbetween. It was embarrassing for me. Imcoming call from George. I pressed decline and got a message, Answer me Tatum. We need to talk. I ignored the text and looked down at my ankle. I haven't had school for a few weeks either. So, I've been in my room, watching TV. I heard somebody coming up the stairs, I decided it was Tyler, Tyler's been visiting me a lot. He opened the door, "Hey Tyl- George? What are you doi-" He leaned over me and crashed his lips into mine, "Why aren't you talking to me?" I stared at him, "Why did you kiss me?" He laughed, "I asked you first." I shrugged, "You totally embarrassed me. How can I not be mad?" He looked down, "I'm sorry. I couldn't afford to be late again." I smiled, "Your turn, why did you kiss me?" He smiled, "Just trying to live in the moment." I nodded, "Well get off my bed, by mum with freak." He laughed, "Hang on." He kissed me again and I smiled, "What about that girl you like? Is it not working out with her?" He laughed, "Um, yea about that." He looked down and smiled, "It's you. Ever since we were six. But I see why you didn't like me." She laughed, "Your kidding me, I've liked you since first grade." He bit his lip, "What kept us apart?" I laughed, "I don't know."

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