Why Are You So Afraid (Union J)

A girl, a skateboard, and an undying crush. Where will it take her?


3. "I know."

"As you can see it's a clean break." I looked at Tatum, "I'm sorry." She shrugged, "It's okay, I mean I'm depressed I won't be able to ride my skateboard. But, it's okay." I sat at the edge of her bed, "Where's your mum?" She closed her eyes, "I don't know. She's supposed to here already." I looked outside and somebody running in the hallways, "Excuse me. I have a daughter I need to see." I looked at Tatum, "I think I see her." She pushed past me and looked at Tatum, "What happened?" She sighed, "I tripped over a jumprope while I was riding on my skateboard." She looked back at me, "Who are you?" I smiled, "I'm George." She smiled, "Thank you, for taking her here and staying here with her until I came." I sat next to Tatum, "Oh it's fine. I didn't mind at all." She stroked Tatum's hair, "You can leave if you want." I shook my head, "I'm fine. I like helping people." Tatum looked at me, "You can go, seriously, I'm fine. Thanks for your help." I smiled and looked down, "Okay, but should I pick you up? It's not a big deal." She shrugged, "Sure." She looked at her mum, "Oh I don't care, I'll be gone when you get back, I have to leave for Australia." I closed my eyes, what was Tatum supposed to do, take care of herself, maybe that one girl that was with her could take care of her, I don't know. I'll check on her when the time comes. "Come on Tatum, let's get you home." Tatum sighed, "How am I supposed to get outta bed?" I smiled, "Allow me." I picked her up like I did earlier and she wrapped her arms around my neck, "Thanks George." I looked at her mum, "For what?" She smiled, "For taking care of her. She's never had a boyfriend-" I cut her off, "Woah, slow down. I'm not her boyfriend." She tilted her head, "Well your something special. Your mother and father must be so proud." I laughed, "My mum and dad are divorced, I haven't seen him since I was nine." She frowned, "I'm sorry." I nodded, "Me too. Me and him didn't end on a good note." Tatum looked at me, "I'm sorry." I smiled, "It's okay, you weren't the reason they got divorced." She smiled, "Stop taking my words." I laughed, "Okay, I'm started to get tired, we should get going." She nodded, "Yea, your touching my bum." I slid my hands under her knees, "Sorry. Didn't mean to." We started walking out of the hospital and she smiled at me, "Your a really nice guy George." I smiled, "I know."

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