Why Are You So Afraid (Union J)

A girl, a skateboard, and an undying crush. Where will it take her?


9. Drooling.

I sat in my room and watched TV, texting Maddie. You guys are dating? I laughed and texted her back, Yea, I have butterlfies in my tummy. She replied instantly, You guys have been dating for two weeks. I smiled, I know. I closed my eyes and started drifting off until I was asleep.

George POV

I walked upstairs and saw Tatum sleeping and I smiled, she looked crazy beautiful. I smiled and walked over to her and sat on her bed. "Tatum." She turned around, "Tyler five more minutes." I laughed, "Not Tyler." She raised her eyebrows, "Bradley?" I shook my head, "No." She raised her eyebrows, "Nash Grier?" I laughed, "No. It's George." She smiled, "George five more minutes." I laughed, "I have to leave in five minutes." She shrugged, "Nice playing the guessing game, bye." I got up, "I'll be around later." I got up and kissed her forehead, "Night." She shrugged it off and fell back asleep and I left.

Tatum POV

I started watching The Vamps videos and  smiled at Brad, he was attractive. Super attractive. I stared at my screen and I think I started drooling. Not my fault his parents had attractive children. Or child. I saw George pull up so I shut my computer so he didn't that I was drooling over a sexy person. That wasn't him. I pulled out my phone and started watching vines. Nash Grier to be specific. Maybe a little Brent Rivera, some Princess Lauren. The popular viners. I saw George walk in and I laughed, "Hey." He smiled, "Hey, watcha doing?" I shrugged, "I was watching The Vamps. Then I started drooling over Brad and now I'm on Vine." He laughed, "I feel so offended you don't drool over me." I smiled, "Sorry, I'll try harder." He hugged me, "It's fine. As long as your my girlfriend and not Bradley's you can drool over him all you want." I smiled, "Okay."

A/N: I love Wild Heart By The Vamps. And Brad is just so Attractive!! :)

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