Why Are You So Afraid (Union J)

A girl, a skateboard, and an undying crush. Where will it take her?


2. Broken Ankle

I started riding my skateboard and a familiar car come up to me, "Hey want a ride?" I Looked to my side and tripped over a jump rope, "Ow." George got out of the car, "Yikes. Do you need help?" I shook my head, "No, I'm fine." I tried putting pressure on my ankle, "Okay, no I'm not." I sat back down, "On a scale from one to ten, how bad does it hurt?" I shrugged, "About an eight." He knelt down beside me and tried moving it, "Stop Stop Stop!! George Stop!!" A few parents looked out their window obviously thinking nasty. "I think it's broken." I frowned, "Well how am I supposed to get to the hospital?" He smiled, "I can take you. Then I can take you home. Or you can stay with me, or I can stay with you." He picked me up bridal style and set me in his car, "George. You don't have to do this. I can call my mum." He laughed, "No, you need to go now, not fifteen minutes later." I looked around his car and everywhere I looked I saw monkeys. Monkey Seat Covers, monkey onesies, monkey everything. I looked out the window, "We're almost there." He pulled into a hospital parking garage and parked, "Come on." He picked me up bridal style again and carried me inside the hospital, "Here." He set me in a chair, "Stay here." He went to the recptionist and pointed at me.

George POV
"What happened?" I pointed at Tatum, "When she was riding home from school she tripped over a jump rope on the sidewalk and we think her ankle is broken." She nodded, "So your not for sure if it's broken?" I shook my head, "That's what I said, isn't it?" She nodded, "We just need to be sure. Go sit." I walked up to Tatum and sat next to her. "How's your ankle doing?" I knew it was a dumb question, "It's fine, it only hurts when people asks stupid questions." I laughed, "Right. Sorry. Um, do you want me to call your mum?" She shook her head, "Already have." I nodded, "What about your dad?" She shrugged, "He left when I was little." I looked down, "Sorry." She shrugged, "It's fine. Your not the reason left. My mum caught him cheating." I shook my head and laughed, "Why do all boys do that? It takes a real man to stay with a woman." She giggled, "So where's your girlfriend? Won't she be mad that your here with another girl?" I laughed, "I don't have a girlfriend. Haven't found the right girl yet." She looked down, "Oh." I nudged her, "I'm kidding, I've liked this girl since we were six, she's really pretty. She's also from Bristol." She nodded, "Well, I hope she treats you right. That is, if you tell her you like her." I laughed, "Not yet. I'd really get to know her, see if she's right for me." She leaned back in the chair, "What about you? Where's your boyfriend? Won't he get jealous your with another guy?" She giggled, "I don't have a boyfriend. I've never had a boyfriend." I nodded, "Do you have your eyes on a guy?" I already knew this, I just wanted her to admit it. She turned her head towards me, "George, we both know the answer to this." I smiled, "Then you have no problem telling if you do or not." She smiled, "I do have my eyes on a guy." I nodded, "Well he's crazy if he doesn't like you."

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