My Pretty Big Mistake (Louis Fan-Fiction)

.Jazmine is a cool person to hang out with. She's 18 sadly her parents died when she was 15 so she lives with her best friend Nicole in New York. She really likes to have fun and go to party's. Jazmine and Nicole just finished High School.They plan on just chilling at home for there vacation. She doesn't really like One Direction...sure she may know their names,and where there from and a few of there songs but shes not a directioner...but on the other hand, Nicole is and she is obsesses or as she likes to call it 'Dedicated'. But what happens when Nicole begs for Jazmine to go to a concert with her,but Jazmine doesn't want to go,why would she go if she doesn't like them? But the thing is that NIcole already bought the tickets.

Its been three days when Nicole keeps on begging Jazmine to go, so she finally gives in and knows that she will regret it. But when they reach the concert, some things are gonna change for Jazmine.......


3. The Dream


*Jazmine's POV*


We're walking on the beach, just me and him and no one else. Our.own little world. The soft sand, touching our feet between our toes. He hold my hand, entertwining our fingers together, feeling sparks all over my body. I looked up and stare in his gorgeous blue eyes, while he stares in mine. I smiled up at him. I love this. So romantic. No one stopping us. He turned me around, my back on his hardened chest, wrapped his arms around my waist, feeling those sparks again. I layed back my head on his chest and him resting his head on my right shoulder, us facing the most beautiful sunset. We were like this for five minutes, not saying anything. Just peace and quiet, until I heard him cleared his throat, wanting to say something as I waited, "I love you Jazmine Pucket. Always and forever." I smiled amd turned around facing him now, "And I love you too, Louis Tomlinson. Always and forever." He smiled and stared at my lips for a minute, then started to lean, his soft pink lips meeting mine. It was perfect. Our lips are matching. I feel fireworks explode everywhere in my stomach, which I never felt before. Our lips moved in sync, my arms around his neck, and his around my waist. Never letting go. This was the best day of my life. Everything was perfect. He was the first person, I ever fell in love with. We pulled apart, taking deep breaths, lean in, our foreheads touching together. We stare into each other eyes for a minute until he leaned in my ear and whisper, "Jazmine, it's time to wake up." I stared at him in confusion. What is he talking about? "Its time to wake up, Jazmine." "Wake up."

*Finished Dream*

"Jazmine, wake up!" Hmmmm...... what? I tried opening my eyes, which was a bit diffulcult because of the bright sunlight, shining through my window. "What *yawn* time is it?" I asked, my eyes still closed.

"Its 9:07 already now get up!"

I groaned a little, not wanting to. I grabbed a pillow beside me and put it on top of my head. Ok, much better, I thought.

"Ok Jaz, that's how you want it." I then hear her footsteps, walking through the doorway. I smiled, thinking she gave up already and decided to leave me alone.

I was about to go back to sleep when everything was all quiet, but then suddenly, the song 'Save You Tonight' by of course, One Direction, blast through my speakers, and Nicole, screaming along with the lyrics, while dancing.

'I, I wanna save your,

Wanna save your tonight,

He only break you

Leave you torn apart, Oh

Its a quarter to three, cant sleep at all

Hes so overwhelming

You told him to jump, I'd take the fall

Cause he wouldnt take it

All that you want, under your nose, yeah

You should open your eyes but they stay closed, closed!'

I sat up quickly, opening my eyes,the bright sunlight burnong through my eyes. "Nicole, turn that off!"I yelled.

"What? You want me to turn it up a little?!"

"Wait..... what??! No-" but too late, I was cut off by Nicole turning the volume up which pained my ears. Ugh! This is getting me mad. I jumped out of bed and sped walk to where Niocle was standing and turned off the speakers. I started to glared at her for a minute, but then I said, "Never. Do. That. Again." She grinned, walking out of my room, closing my door. I decided to take a nice clean shower, so I grabbed my towel, my black lacy bra matching my panties. I walked towards my closet, looking for an outfir for the day.

After a minute of searching, I went straight in the bathroom, took my clothes off, put the water on and got in, the warm water dripping all over my body. It felt so good to take a fresh shower, it takes everything off my mind and even the dream......that I had. It felt so real, and- and why Louis? Why did I have to dream about him? I shookedmy head, clearing things off my mind. I grabbed my orange Caprice shampoo and rubbed it around my hair, making it smell so good. I turned off the water, knowing that I'm done. I then grabbed my bra, putting my panties on, my black denium shorts that reach to my waist and my floral tank top that shows my stomach a little. I combed my hair, deciding to let my hair down so it could dry by itself. I didn't put make-up on, only on special occasions. I brushed my teeth and went downstairs.

I past the living room, going into the kitchen. I noticed Nicole sitting down on the couch watching some cartoons. I grabbed some pop-tarts and a glass of juice, sitting down on a stool. After for a few minutes, Nicole came in pouring her self some glass of juice. We just sat there quietly, until she said, "I'm bored. Want to go to the mall?"

"Sure. Theres nothin really to do here so why not?" I smiled and she did the same.

"Ok, well I'm going to change before we go." I nodded, and she head upstairs to her room. I sat down on the couch, still thinking about the dream that I had. Questions spread all over my head. I am not falling for him. Louis Tomlinson.

My thought were cut off by Nicole coming down the stairs wearing a gray floral texture top, a black denium shorts with some gray high tops.

"Ok, lets go." She said, grabbing her keys for the car. We got out, locking the door to our apartment, and got outside. We walked towards the blue toyota prius, car and got in. Nicole started the ignition and got out of the parking lot and drive staright to the mall. It was quiet for a while, so I turn on the radio. But I regret doing that because What Makes You Beautiful came on.

"AHHHH!! Turn it up! Turn it up!"

"What? No!" I was about to change to a different station until Nicole slap my hand away, turning it up.






This is going to be some quite a ride.


*At the mall*

We arrive at the Manhattan Mall. I was a little excited because this is one of my favorite mall of all times. We got out of the car, and walked towards the entrance of the mall.

"Hey I need to go use the restroom, you can start without me." I said, because I literally need to go.

"You sure? You don't want me to waot for you?"

"Nah, just go ahead. I'll reach you later."

"Ok, what ever you say." She walked towards Jc'Penny and I went the other way to the restroom. I felt my phone vibrate from my back pocket. I reach out and checked, to see a message on my screen. Before I was about to read it, someone bump into me which makes me lose my balance but mysterious arms caught me before I was about to fall. I looked up and see that he was wearing sunglasses with a cap on, and had sweats on, his hoodie over his cap.

I cleared my throat and he let me go. "I'm sorry, I wasnt looking my way." He apologized in a british tone? I guess this guy is british then.

"No, I'm sorry. I was the one looking down at my phone without watching my way." I smiled at him and it took a minute for him to smile back. I got to admit, he is kinda cute even though I can't see his eyes, but I could tell that he was staring at my eyes.

Before I could say something else, another guy came with sweats on too, his hood over his curly head and sunglasses on. Wait a minute......."Louis, c'mon we go-" but he was cutt off by me.

"Louis? As in Louis Tomlinson?" I asked, staring at both of them.

"Well, who might this hot chick be?" The guy with the curly head said.

"Harry." said the other guy, nudging him.

"Wait... who are you guys?" I asked, wanting my answer.

"Alright. Yes. I'm Louis Tomlinson and this Harry Styles but please dont scream cause we don't want other people to know." He replied, taking his sunglasses off and put it back on.

Oh. My God. Why now? Why them? Why are they doing here anyways? Oh right, their concert. "And who are you, sexy?" Harry said with a smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes at him.

"I'm not going to tell you." I walked past them but then Louis grab my wrist turning me around. "And why not?'

"Because thats none of your god damn buisness." I am sorta getting angry and tried to struggle for him to let me go but he wouldn't.

"Let me go or else you don't want other people to know that One Direction are here." He immediately let me go and I walk away, leaving them speechless. I can't believe this has to happen. I waked staright to the restroom and did my buisness.


well, what do you guys think? and again, im sorry for the long update cause i was busy and stuff  but i might upload once or twice a week, so yea......hope you guys vote and comment!! please! Luv Yah!

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