My Pretty Big Mistake (Louis Fan-Fiction)

.Jazmine is a cool person to hang out with. She's 18 sadly her parents died when she was 15 so she lives with her best friend Nicole in New York. She really likes to have fun and go to party's. Jazmine and Nicole just finished High School.They plan on just chilling at home for there vacation. She doesn't really like One Direction...sure she may know their names,and where there from and a few of there songs but shes not a directioner...but on the other hand, Nicole is and she is obsesses or as she likes to call it 'Dedicated'. But what happens when Nicole begs for Jazmine to go to a concert with her,but Jazmine doesn't want to go,why would she go if she doesn't like them? But the thing is that NIcole already bought the tickets.

Its been three days when Nicole keeps on begging Jazmine to go, so she finally gives in and knows that she will regret it. But when they reach the concert, some things are gonna change for Jazmine.......


1. *Prologue*

Sometimes I think to myself, why do I have to be so stupid? Sometimes I know that I should blame my best friend Nicole even though I couldn't. I knew I shouldn't gone to the concert at the beggining. I knew that my love for him is a big mistake. And I knew that everytime I tried to move on, all I think about is him. What is happening to me? This is the first time that Im falling in love with someone. With him. I think I'm in love with Louis Tomlinson. And there is no other way to change it. -----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----*-----* (Hi guys!! what do you think with the prologue? I know its short but this is all i could think of. :) comment on what your thoughts are below and vote if you think this is ok :) )

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