My Pretty Big Mistake (Louis Fan-Fiction)

.Jazmine is a cool person to hang out with. She's 18 sadly her parents died when she was 15 so she lives with her best friend Nicole in New York. She really likes to have fun and go to party's. Jazmine and Nicole just finished High School.They plan on just chilling at home for there vacation. She doesn't really like One Direction...sure she may know their names,and where there from and a few of there songs but shes not a directioner...but on the other hand, Nicole is and she is obsesses or as she likes to call it 'Dedicated'. But what happens when Nicole begs for Jazmine to go to a concert with her,but Jazmine doesn't want to go,why would she go if she doesn't like them? But the thing is that NIcole already bought the tickets.

Its been three days when Nicole keeps on begging Jazmine to go, so she finally gives in and knows that she will regret it. But when they reach the concert, some things are gonna change for Jazmine.......


2. No Way Nicole!

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*Jazmine's Pov*

"Hi and welcome back on News Channel 7. Today, one of our recent news is that One Direction will be staying in New York for a while, for thier concert, which will be next week Thursaday."

Oh great.

"And, I heard that there would be a lucky suprise, for two lucky fans."



"So get ready directioners, it might be your only chance to see them live in their concert, and if you haven't buy your tickets yet, then I suggest you should buy them now. So it wont be late."

Great. One Direction will be staying here. For their concert. Which I don't care because I'm defenately sure not going. I grab the remote that was beside me and change the channel.

I think I should introduce myself. Hi, Im Jazmine Pucket. I'm 18 years old, I have just finish high school with my best friend Nicole, which I dont know where she went cause she is not here right now. But anyways, I share an apartment with her, because after the accident of my parents which I dont want to talk about them, Nicole let me move here, she is my and ONLY best friend I had. I have other friends too, but we dont contact much anymore. She is the only one that knows about my parents. Nobody else. Anyways, we've been best friends since......... FOREVER. She has always been their for me. Nicole is shy and quiet at first, but once you get to know her, she is outgoing amd funny sometimes. She tries to be nice to everybody, but if you make her mad, she will snap. So Im warning you.

Anywho, I really like to go to parties a lot, I could be funny sometimes, I like to dance but not much. I have light brown hair and light brown eyes. I have the same height as Nicole. I have a curved body thats not too overweight nor not too skinny, just a curved, average body. Im not that kind of girl that likes to paint my nails, I dont like wearing high heels. I never did. So.......yea.

Right now, Im just chilling here, watching TV. Well, not really watching, just changing channels. Theres nothing really interesting to watch, so I decided to watch Spongebob. Yes, I watch Spongebob, even though Im 18, but who cares! Im just living while Im young. So go ahead and hate. I dont care.

I layed down on the couch, relaxing, but it was just ruined by Nicole barging in the front door, screaming like a maniac, came rushing towards where Im laying down on the couch.

"Sorry," she said, grabbed the remote from my hands and push my legs to the side which made me fall on the floor, hitting my face. I groaned. That did hurted. I got up, clean myself off and face Nicole.

"Yea, thanks for helping me," I said in a sarcastic tone.


"Shh, shh," she said, facing the TV. I walked towards the couch and sat down next to her. I looked on what she was watching and to my surprise....there they are. On TV. Yep. The incredibly British/Irish boyband, One Direction, sitting down on a couch, with an interviewer. Oh my goodness. I turned my head to see Nicole, smiling big like she just won $1,000,000. I giggled at that, then faced the TV.

'So Louis, is it true that you and Elouner broke up?'

(Louis): 'Yes its true' He smiled. He stared at the camera, and I stare in his eyes. He seems different from the other guys. But I dont even know what it is. His eyes are so gorgeous. Wait, what? I shook my head and went back to reality, and keep watching TV.


'And may I ask why?'

(Louis): 'Well lets just say, that its not working out.'

'Ok, Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, any girls, lately?'

(The boys): 'No, not really.'

'So you're all single, then?'

(The boys): 'Indeed yes.'

'And your concert, you guys excited?

(Harry): 'Yes, we are. There will be a surprise for two lucky directioners. So get ready and hope to see you there' He winked and smiled. Nicole scremed, sorta jumping on the couch. Of course, out of all of them, her favorite is Harry Styles.

'Ok, and I think that raps it. Anything you guys wanna say before you leave?'

(Liam): 'Well, theres nothing literally to say except that we cant wait to see you guys at our concert.'

(Niall and Zayn): 'Yea, so we hope you Directioners to see you there.'

'Ok! Thanks so much for coming One Direction. We really did appriciate it.'

(The boys): 'No problem. Thanks for inviting us.'

'And when we come back from the commercial, our next guest star is Jennifer Benson, who will be talking about her life acting.'

And after that, the guys waved bye, while smiling. And went to a commercial.

Wow, I wonder what did really happen between Louis and Elouner, she is a nice adorable person. Hmmm.....who knows, maybe its their long distance relationship that did not work out? Oh well.

"Oh my god, Jazmine guess what?" she asked, getting me out of my thoughts.

I sigh. "What is it this time Nicole? Oh and thanks for pushing me."

"Aww, sorry for pushing you, but you know whats gonna make you better?"

"Oh really? What?" I said, sarcastically.

She grabbed her purse that was on the floor, and she took out two concert tickets. At first, I thought they were plane tickets, but there not. Oh better not be..... She smiled and said, "Jazmine, your one of my bestest friend in the whole world. And you know that. So, will you be the honor as my best friend, to come with me to a One Direction concert?"

I stare at her, weird. Is she serious?? She knows that I dont like them."Sorry, Nicole, but no." I got up from the couch, but she grabbed my wrist, "Oh c'mon! Its just a concert! Why dont you like them?? Please Jazmine!? Pweety Pwease?"

I sigh. You see, the reason I dont like One Direction is that Im not really a fan of them.I dont even stalk their twitter at all, ot know about them. Sure, I may know their songs, where they come from, and their names, and stuff. But I dont really know their lives, like their families or their personalities. But on the other hand, my best friend Nicole here is OBSSESED over them. Or as to say Dedicated. Whenever she hears one of their songs on the radio, she screams, turns it up, then started dancing crazy as if like she was drunk. She has posters of them in her everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! When you walked in her room, the first thing you see are them. Posters on her wall, FILLED. Shes really a fan or should I say Directioner. But to me, thats ok cause shes my best friend and I accept her as who she is. I dont hate. Im not hater. I never was. I dont hate One Direction, their voices are great and all, but to be honest, I find them annoying (no offense directioners), I hear them everywhere. In the radio, on TV, in the car, and even at the mall. I just need peace and quiet, you know what I mean? I faced back to Nicole and replied,

"No Nicole and thats final."

"Fine!" She pouted. "I'll find someone else then!"

"Oh, I like to see you try." I laugh, and turned around and started walking upsatirs to my room. But I swear that I heard Nicole mumble something but couldnt catch right. I shrugged and walked inside my room, change my clothes, brush my teeth and put my hair in a messy bun. I yawned, walked towards my bed, and let darkness take over me.




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