My Pretty Big Mistake (Louis Fan-Fiction)

.Jazmine is a cool person to hang out with. She's 18 sadly her parents died when she was 15 so she lives with her best friend Nicole in New York. She really likes to have fun and go to party's. Jazmine and Nicole just finished High School.They plan on just chilling at home for there vacation. She doesn't really like One Direction...sure she may know their names,and where there from and a few of there songs but shes not a directioner...but on the other hand, Nicole is and she is obsesses or as she likes to call it 'Dedicated'. But what happens when Nicole begs for Jazmine to go to a concert with her,but Jazmine doesn't want to go,why would she go if she doesn't like them? But the thing is that NIcole already bought the tickets.

Its been three days when Nicole keeps on begging Jazmine to go, so she finally gives in and knows that she will regret it. But when they reach the concert, some things are gonna change for Jazmine.......


4. Are You Ok Jazmine?

*Jazmine's POV*

"Finally we're home!" I said as I put the bags down, and lay on the couch while taking my shoes off. My feet were killing me! Nicole and I had been at the mall walking around for almost 2 hours! As you can see, Nicole likes to shop a lot and won't ever stop when she wants to. She keeps on dragging me with her for a store she sees.

"Hey Jaz, if you're hungry we could order some pizza?"

"Yeah, sure." Shopping does make me hungry, I thought.

I got up from the couch, got my bags and went upsatirs to my room. I set my bags on one side of my bed and sat down, my mind rewinding back at what happened at the mall. I still can't believe that just happened today, I mean like - why him? Out of all the guys in the mall, why does it have to be Louis?

I sigh and I lay back, staring at the ceiling for a while, my thoughts going every where in my mind.

*Louis's POV*

Ever since my eyes lay on her, I knew that she is the one for me. I knew that she is way better than my ex-Eleouner, who cheated on me with somebody else. Yes, that''s right, she cheated on me when I caught her making out with another guy at her flat.

Ever since our breakup, I ignored her calls and texts and haven't heard from her since. After three weeks, I got over her and won't forgive her no more. I loved her and she hurt me badly. That, I won't forget. The boys know about this, but never talk about it which is a good thing.

I shook my head and went straight thinking about that girl. The girl back at the mall, she was really beautiful. I just hope she will come to our concert tomorrow night. I would really like to see her again.

I sigh and lay down in my bed, staring at the ceiling. Hopefully she comes tomorrow night.

*Nicole's POV*

I was putting my bags away until I heard the doorbell ring.

"I'll get it!" I yelled as I ran downstairs to the door. As I opened it, a guy who looks around his 20's handed the pizza to me as I payed him the tip.

"Thanks, and you can keep the change." I said as I closed the door.

"Jazmine, the pizza is here!" I set down the pizza in the glass table as I walked through the kitchen to get the plates and the glass.

I walked back to the living room and set it down. Jazmine came down looking like she had a lot of thoughts in mind, which makes me wondering what she's thinking.

I ignored it and went back to the kitchen to get the juice from the fridge for the glass.

While pouring the the juice into the glass, Jazmine took a slice of her pizza, watching White Chicks which is one of our favorites. I took.a slice for my own and we both sat there quietly for a few minutes, until I decided to break it.

"Jaz, are you ok? Something wrong?" I asked.

"Yeah, everything is fine." Liar.

"Ok, but I'm always here if you need to talk."

She give me a smile and said, "Thanks Nicole."

We spent the rest of the night watching movies and eating pizza until it was time to gp to bed. By the time I got to my room, I almost forgot about the concert, which is tomorrow night. I have to make Jazmine come with me one way or another. If I can't make her come with me, then I have to trick her to come. And I know just the plan.

I smiled evilly to myself.


So, what do you think will happen? Take a guess? Say your thoughts in the comment below and vote! Im so sorry guys, I really am! :( I will upload the next chapter later or tomrrow :)

Love yuh guys!! xxx

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