The Mistake

Stop and think before drunk driving.


1. The Mistake

Sweat trickled down my moist arms, dripping off the edge like a small waterfall. My arm flew upwards so my fingers could wrap around the solid handle. This sent my sweat off in a different direction. Before long my knuckles were glowing red with pain. I tried to feel more secure by tightening my fist so that it was glued to the plastic, but my body panicked further, and my mind went blank.

Suddenly, the vehicle jolted forwards, and my hand skidded across the handles outer layer of sweat. Down my head dropped, landing between my twitching knees. Hesitantly, I look up, forcing my body to return to its previous position. Although my body appeard to be draped like a rag dolls, my posture was stiff. This influenced my mind to believe I was stronger than the reality - that courage was racing through my brain, and the odds and chances didn't bother me anymore. Somehow, the corners of my lips turned upwards - I managed a smile. It was small, weak but made an immense difference towards my mood.

There was a thud, and the wheels flew faster triggering thrill to flood my body. Any remains of tension swiftly washed away as my back sunk into the battered, leather seat, the chairs hug reassured me, with warmth and comfort, that nothing would happen...

The only thing holding onto me at that moment was the ruins of the seat belt, and an unraveled spring. It acted with a mind of it's own, winding itself around the threads of my skin in attempt to remain attached. Once landing, the burning stings rolled in. It didn't take a wild imagination to picture the vivid beads of blood oozing out of chapped skin, transforming crispy flakes, into water flesh.

Turned out that the failing speedbumps was only the start as the screeching sound of the brakes bounced hard against my ear drum. No longer was I amazed, or considering it as an extraordinary experience. Blood pressure raced ahead, challenging my heartbeat with roaring passion. I couldn't decide whether it was the car, or the overloaded mind spinning round, and facing another direction. Either way, I felt queasy, so took in deep breaths and forgot the feeling was there, leaving it isolated in the pit of my stomach.

Unsurprisingly, I felt worse. Much, much worse than before. The deep breaths just made my head spin, whilst a pounding sound suddenly made an appearance, thumping hard against my skull. I let out a groan, closed my eyes, and pressed the cool of my palms against my forehead. Perhaps it was a good sign, when sick crawled up my throat and poured out into my lap. Perhaps it was a sign that I was getting better, or that I soon would be.

Still, the pounding continued. The car spun. I hoped that I would die here, right now. No longer would I have to experience the pain of the journey. If all went well, only another 7 minutes would I have to spend in the car... but I could easily picture the sudden stops, the sudden spins that would go on, and on adding extra time. In the corner of my eye, I spotted an additional beam of light facing our way. Another car.

'Look out!' I screamed. His face remained blank, ignoring my warning sign,'Look out! I said, look out!' my finger shoot forwards, pointed at the moving vehicle which sent honking noises through my ears. Finally, he processed my words, looking straight at me whilst the car bounced, climbed on top of the pavement, and stroked a tree as it went by. He spotted the bulging in my eyes.

'What...' his words slurred, and he left out the 't', ' 'm getting you home... what's your problem?' Each and every word had a vowel gone astray, leaving his sentence incomplete. Only taking a quick flash at the pavement he travelled along, his greasy fingers clutched my shoulder. At the thought of potential happenings, I took a risk and slipped off my seat belt, turning, so my back would face him. Nothing for his drunken mind to be tempted by.

For a reason that I didn't understand, a flow ran through my body as we passed the brick wall that guarded the community's gardens. A secret shield, that some took for granted while others cherished. Maybe one day it will go against it's orders and be the attacker - the one that has to go through the shield. That would teach the ones without gratitude. His hand slipped down from my shoulder to my waist, to my hip. A chill ran through me. My shield grew nearer to protect me from the young man that sat in the seat nearby. The one in control of my destiny...

Whether I'd live to see morning.

Closer the wall came towards me, closer and closer and closer...


At first I couldn't tell between the two destinies I might've reached. Hospital or Heaven. A pure, white light shone in my eyes. Clouds or the ceiling. My body felt heavy, rather than the lightness you should experience in the afterlife, so I suspected I was one of the lucky ones. One of the ones who survived. Jack. He was driving the car that night. He's somewhere too. Dead or alive, I don't care as long as what he deserves is coming to him. I was stupid too, to accept the ride, to get in the car. A mistake I'll never again make for as long as I shall live.


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