Lost In Your Eyes

Megan is starting her first year in high school as an outcast
She has taught herself that she is and will forever be independent until she meets a new friend named James.
He shows her to let loose and relax and along the way Megan starts to fall for him... but does he love her back?


1. Thinking Back

     Being an outcast was my thing... not necessarily a bad thing because I got used to it. Its not a bad life you know, just a simple one. Most girls stressed about boys, periods and their 'fragile' social life (whatever the hell that meant), but not me. I mean don't get me wrong, I wasn't and never will be a tom boy and I enjoyed passing the frequent I-candy in the hallways and streets, but getting them in my pants was the least of my concern. I wanted to focus on school and homework (not saying my grades were amazing because they really weren't) Anyway, I just feel bad for those girls that smoke weed and leave school out of there lives. Well... at least ill have a good future.

It was the end of my grade 8 years and finally moving on to high school. My boyfriend and I had broken up over the summer so I guess I was going at this alone. After loosing that long and beautiful relationship with Charlie I came to a conclusion that I was done with men and would never give myself to someone like that again. I wondered how long it would take to get over him... hopefully not long. I didn't want to think about Charlie , or any guy for that matter. My best friend was Lou. Man, she was weird but everyone loved her. She was my best friend but I was just one of her many friends. It wasn't that bad , being alone gave me time to think.

Today would be orientation day, the first day of school and also the first time I would see Charlie since the break up. It wasn't going to be easy seeing him... for a year I looked at him as my lover and the reason why I was so happy, but now.. I see him as a joke and a total dick head. (I lost most of my friends after loosing him).

I laid in bed feeling tired and knowing that I HAD to look amazing. just to rub in his face that he lost all of this. I wasn't just thinking about Charlie, I was thinking about how high school would change me and all of the new people I would meet "okay" I whined to myself, "time to get ready."  

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