One Girl's Dream

Fourteen-year-old Twyla Robertson is not a friend-maker. She is socially awkward and spends her time watching television, reading books, and browsing the Internet. Sometimes, she wishes she could just live in the universes of the characters she loves... but what happens when that wish is granted? {Mega Crossover, contains slight violence towards the end and mild references to sex. Contains self-harm at the beginning. Every chapter is named after the song I was listening to that inspired me to write it. If you want a full list of the media that is going to be featured please email}


1. Preface

Sometimes I wish
That I could join
A different world
In a different time

It's all I have to live for;
All I have to do
There's nothing here for me,
I wish I could join you

A small wish upon a star,
A light millions of miles away.
I never dreamed that it would be granted...
I guess I get to stay

Be careful what you wish for
Be careful what you say
The Universe may take the hint
And you may not like it that way

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