One Girl's Dream

Fourteen-year-old Twyla Robertson is not a friend-maker. She is socially awkward and spends her time watching television, reading books, and browsing the Internet. Sometimes, she wishes she could just live in the universes of the characters she loves... but what happens when that wish is granted? {Mega Crossover, contains slight violence towards the end and mild references to sex. Contains self-harm at the beginning. Every chapter is named after the song I was listening to that inspired me to write it. If you want a full list of the media that is going to be featured please email}


8. Chapter Seven

(Author's Note: Hey guys! I want Twyla to have a love interest in this story to some canon character, so if you guys could vote on it it would be awesome. Just leave a comment. The options are...
A. Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls
B. Dib from Invader Zim, or
C. Hans from 
Please leave a comment with your vote!
Oh, and yeah, things are really gonna start crackin' down now. In this chapter we will introduce characters from Invader Zim. I haven't seen Frozen (I just know the basic plot and the big twist THAT MY COUSIN SPOILED FOR ME, thanks a freakin' lot Seth) so I'm waiting until I have before I introduce Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoph, Sven, and Hans.)

Whatever Twyla was expecting, it was not this.

She had gone to town square to find the Doctor and the TARDIS, only to find that a few buildings had been knocked down by a strange-looking ship (that she theoretically should have recognized) and a fire had started. The TARDIS, however, remained untouched.

"Doctor?" She called out nervously, gingerly stepping into the square as if her steps would set off a land mine. Heck, you never know. It was a weird day.

"Over here, Twyla!"

She never thought she'd be so relieved to hear a British accent. She jogged over to the place where the Doctor's voice had come from, which was behind a random building.

"What happened here?"

The Doctor was scanning something with his sonic screwdriver. A piece of metal. "Irken voot cruiser crashed here. How's the damage?"

Irken? She let it go quickly though. She'd accepted that this universe was a love letter to her many interests. "About half of town square's been destroyed and there's a fire that the fire department's working on putting out. The TARDIS's mainly untouched, though."

"Good. Nothing irreparable?"

"No. I don't think so, anyway."

The Doctor let out a relieved sigh before turning looking up to his pseudo-companion. "Good. I never really got into the Irkens, they never did anything wrong, but I must've missed something."

Twyla held back the urge to laugh. He had no idea. "Well, maybe they're invading masses of planets or something." She was trying to tell him exactly what was happening while trying to make it sound like a joke. If everything was how it was in the TV shows in the real world, then her vast knowledge of the topics may seem sketchy to people.

"That's actually a very real possibility. I'll look into it, I suppose. Shall we see if anything's still in that voot cruiser?"

She nodded, trying not to seem too enthusiastic.

This was way too awesome.

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