One Girl's Dream

Fourteen-year-old Twyla Robertson is not a friend-maker. She is socially awkward and spends her time watching television, reading books, and browsing the Internet. Sometimes, she wishes she could just live in the universes of the characters she loves... but what happens when that wish is granted? {Mega Crossover, contains slight violence towards the end and mild references to sex. Contains self-harm at the beginning. Every chapter is named after the song I was listening to that inspired me to write it. If you want a full list of the media that is going to be featured please email}


5. Chapter Four: The Greatest Story Never Told

(A/N: Just a reminder, I name chapters after the song I was listening to that made me want to write it.)

The pain faded. Not just the external pain, but the internal pain as well. She was still tired much of the time . . . but the pain of her healing burns and of her aching heart were slowly fading.

One morning, when she was almost completely healed, the Doctor called her to the main console of the TARDIS.

"Would you like to see something, Twyla?" the Doctor smiled and straightened his signature bowtie.

Twyla never passed the chance to memorize the TARDIS's main room - it had been a part of her life from a television screen for years, and now she was seeing it in real life. She didn't want to forget a detail of it. "What do you want to show me?" she finally replied.

"Well, since you're almost healed, we're going to be headed to a little town in Oregon soon. But before that . . ."

The Doctor flung the TARDIS doors open, and Twyla fell speechless.

A spiral, almost like a hurricane, sat in the middle of the darkness, full of the light of billions of stars. It was faintly purple. "A spiral galaxy. The Purple Rose of Virgo, I believe it's called by humans." the Doctor explained.

"It's beautiful." Twyla breathed, wishing she could reach out and touch it but knowing full well that she would be trapped in space forever.

The Doctor let her stare her fill, and when she looked away the first thing she asked was, "What's so special about a little town in Oregon?"

"Well, these twins have been experiencing some weird stuff lately, and I haven't gotten any distress calls, so I thought we'd check it out and see if they're native to Earth. If not they could be ripping a hole into the dimension."

"Sounds awesome." Twyla replied with a smirk. "When do we go?"

"Whenever you're up to it, I suppose."

"I'm up to it right now."

"Then let's go!" the Doctor put in a few coordinates and sent the TARDIS going. "Geronimo!"

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