Not All Angels Have Wings.

This is a story about a girl who falls in love with a boy.


1. Dawn Skye Venus.

This story is about me.

Dawn Skye Venus. I'm 16 years old and living in Rebecca, Georgia.

It isn't a big city at all so you probably never heard about it.

My mother left me and my dad when I was two years old. I don't remember her. The reason she left was because she was tired of living in a small town without possibilities. My dad and I lives in a house alone with one dog called Coke. My daddy works and owns the only grocery shop in Rebecca.

I splits everything up into two categories. The love categorie and the hate categorie.

I love: Music, my dog, my dad, the forest, rain, atumn, fog, to read, Pierce The Veil, All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, Lana Del Rey, Marina and The Diamonds, The Smiths, Two Door Cinema Club, The Killers, cozy days, long walks, my bed and pizza.


I hate: Persons with a too big ego, war, that poor people are poor, plastic girls at my school, winter, summer, horror movies, the pizza guy and the old lady next door.


My biggest dream right now is to move out from this town and move to NYC or LA. But I don't want to hurt my dad, because if I left him here all alone he would be heart broken. His little girl can't leave him. So yeah, I think I need to stay here.



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