Jessica's story

Jessica is a 15 year old girl with secrets you could never imagine, they also make her life very difficult and lonely. READ ON FOLLOW HER STORY!!!!!!


1. i have some explaining to do


dear diary

                 the hallways are so long and boring when you have no one to talk to walking down them. why do i seem to be the only one without friends around here. life is so hard when your a...

"OI Jessica?"

i turned around with a jump. it was Chelsea. i had nothing to say to that witch, though i didn't really say that to her. i know i could take her on. people like me knew that, but i didnt have a hold yet and then who know what would happen.

"OI jessica? im talking to you." Chelsea spat

i just walked away.

"DONT you ever walk away from me." she yelled.

i stopped. right where i was. turned around. i stared at her. if looks could kill. well mine can. no wait ignore that.

nothing could make me hate her more. but this was no ordinary day. i had just come back from a well... we will just say trip for now. i walk slowly up to her and looked at her. i felt like i was look through her and she suddenly screamed, she lifted her sleeve and she has a gash down her arm fill with green mold. she screamed again.

"whats that?" i asked smiling knowing full well what it was

"i dont know. OOOWWW its hurts. i dont know how it happened. OWWW"

and she ran way.

ok go i guess i have some explaining to do. 

so here goes...


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