Celaena is just an average everyday girl until she turns 15. Then strange things start to happen, the world starts to fall apart and what could be worse. Could it be the fact that it is all Celaena's fault! Then a strange boy shows up and tells her he knows all the answers but can he be trusted and should Celaena risk her life just because he tells her to? Find out in Annihilation


1. The girl of destruction

My name is Celaena but if you know who I am you won’t want to even know my name let alone hear it. I hurt people, I can destroy major cities with just a…. flick…. of….. my…. wrist. But it is just a job after all you would do the same if it was a matter of life and death wouldn’t you? I’m not that bad not really I just do what I must to stay alive. It is a mad world out there after all; you wouldn’t believe what some of the people out there can do. In fact if you knew I bet you would just think of me as a mere puppy, an introduction, the start of something bigger. It started off small and at that point I didn’t know what I was or that I was ever going to be a part of it; a small earthquake here a mini hurricane there however then it got worse. The ground started to groan and shake and then it started swallowing up whole countries like a starving child from Africa. Tidal waves and tsunamis crashed onto beached crushing houses and people in their wake. Hurricanes wiping out whole states in America and earthquakes destroying countries instead of mere towns. That was when I discovered that my life was a big part of the problem because of what I can do. People all around as you walk down the street call out you only live once but in a place like this why would you want to live at all. I’m starting to wonder what it must have been like to live back in the olden days, centuries ago in 2014. Did they have to put up with things like this or not. If they didn’t then I really want to go back and live with them but would I just take the problem back with me, probably. But it wasn’t always like this; there was that time when I met the one person who was the same as me, someone who really gets me because they are going through the same thing as me. His name was Talon, whoa whoa whoa stop right there I know what you’re thinking but this isn’t a tragic love story. In fact when I first met him Talon was the most obnoxious, rude and cocky boy that I have ever been unfortunate enough to meet. But on the plus side he did understand me and I couldn’t never say that I’m not sad to see him gone but never mind he isn’t here now. So that is the story that I will tell you because it shows who I really am. Right well it all started one summer when I first discovered who or you could say what I am and what I can do….
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