Celaena is just an average everyday girl until she turns 15. Then strange things start to happen, the world starts to fall apart and what could be worse. Could it be the fact that it is all Celaena's fault! Then a strange boy shows up and tells her he knows all the answers but can he be trusted and should Celaena risk her life just because he tells her to? Find out in Annihilation


2. The accident

~~I rubbed my soft tongue over my calloused, chapped lips. As I looked down at my shaking hands I saw cracks and wrinkles although I was only 15. An icy cold wind drifted into the old abandoned room through the shattered glass of the old rusty window like a ghostly hand reaching out towards its pray. The floor was more like ice bergs rather than wood but that didn’t stop me slumping against the peeling wall and sliding down to finally rest on the cold shards that were meant to be floorboards.
        What had just happened more importantly what had I just done, it couldn’t have really been me could it? No it is just not possible for a human to do something like that or is it? My poor farther, I couldn’t stomach the man but even I wasn’t that spiteful, I mean if my mother was still alive then it would be completely different but the fact that he had left me an orphan well that just wasn’t on how could he do that? Even if it wasn’t his fault well I couldn’t blame the ground now could I? We had been having a fight again but this time was different, during our argument the ground started creaking, groaning and shaking then all of a sudden the ground opened up and swallowed him whole like a Python.
         I was having a mental breakdown how could I carry on living now that I was an orphan? As I sat there hunched over like a crooked tree depressed and without a meaning to carry on living for I heard a loud bang then the thud of footsteps. What was that?
“Who’s there?” I stammered standing up and grabbing a rotten plank of wood to use as protection. A young boy with tasselled brown hair sauntered in hands in his jean pockets looking as casual as you can get, he only looked about 15 himself. I dropped the plank and sighed.
“You could have knocked,” I said turning my back on him, “Who are you anyway?” He brushed the hair out of his face and gave me a smile.
“The names Talon,” the boy said walking around me looking me up and down as if he was wary of me, “And you are?”
“Celaena what’s it to you?” I looked at Talon with caution in my eyes who was this guy and why was he so interested in me?
          “Oh good you are who I was looking for,” Talon said ignoring my question completely as he turned and walked towards the door.
“Why were you looking for me?” I said beginning to get anxious, “And how did you find me anyway?”
“I followed the debris and destruction,” Talon muttered turning from the door to look me in the eye, “Now follow me if you want to live!” I didn’t like his tone and he was a cocky idiot after all but there something about the way he was looking at me that made me believe him so I turned on my heels away from the cracked window and followed him out the door.
            We walked down corridor after corridor and it made me wonder how I even managed to get in here after the accident. Eventually we reached and old cracked and rusted wooden door, I reached out towards the smashed glass doorknob and flinched as my outstretched fingers brushed against it, the doorknob was freezing cold.
“Here allow me,” Talon said rudely shoving past me and pushing the creaking door wide open. Inside the room wasn’t much warmer there was a small empty oil drum with the burning embers of what once was wooden logs resting at the bottom. The only other thing in the room was two old chewed up arm chairs.
           “Take a seat and I will explain everything,” Talon said trying to be polite. I glanced at the two chairs hesitantly then I settled for perching on the edge of one of the chairs arms. Talon sat on the other chair and turned towards me a frown suddenly furrowing on his brow.
“Right well first I must know what is going on,” Talon said staring at me intently, “So do you ever find that bad things happen where ever you go?”
“Yes, everywhere I go it seems that the moment I leave something bad happens to the place do you know why?” I looked at Talon desperately hoping that his eyes would reveal the answer but he just frowned again.
              “Celaena I wish I knew but I only know what I’ve been told,” Talon muttered his words but when he saw my face he added, “But what I do know is that you are part of a group of 5 people known as ‘The World Destroyers’ and I know that doesn’t sound great but it is just a code name you know to keep the group secret. It is a group of three girls and two boys with the power to end the world I’m one of the boys but I don’t know the rest that’s all I know sorry to let you down.” I looked at him it was lovely that he cared enough to at least explain.
                 “It’s fine so what do we all have special powers if so what is mine and what is yours for that matter,” I looked at him quizzically if he was telling the truth then this would explain all of it.
“Well you could call it that I suppose and if that is the way you want to see it then I suppose you have the power to control major disasters and I have the power to burn anything in sight.”
“Now that is cool can I really control it or is it just and accident that it happens?” I beamed suddenly turning this situation into a good thing. Talon pulled a face at me.
“You know you’re mad right in fact scratch that you’re a complete idiot how can you find this good it’s the power to destroy the world you mad girl!” Talon practically shouted the last bit exasperated at what I had said.   
                 “Sorry I didn’t mean to upset you it’s just up until now my life has been absolutely pathetic so this makes my life more interesting,” I frowned tears spurting down my cheeks.
“No it’s my fault I’m sorry I shouldn’t have shouted,” Talon said looking at me his eyes suddenly softening. I smiled and shoved him off the seat.
“So why is it a life or death situation don’t we choose when to use the powers so it doesn’t kill people?” I looked up at Talon and noticed that he was nearly crying “What’s wrong?”
                    “Celaena I didn’t want to tell you this but in order to stay alive you have to destroy things,” Talon sighed and turned away.
“What do you mean?” I said my voice razing because I felt that I knew the answer but wished it wasn’t true.
“Celaena if you don’t destroy cities and use your powers then your powers will kill you!” Talon looked at me bleakly with an I’m sorry look on his face. This can’t be happening what made me a part of this how come when I was trying to live a normal life they have to ruin it by saying I have to kill other people so I don’t die.
                 “How can this be true why should I kill other people so that I have a life,” I said crying now, “There are children, young children that have more of a reason to live than me so why should I end their lives for mine?”
“No one said that this would be easy Celaena but it must be done,” Talon said as if it didn’t matter to him at all if he slaughtered innocent people for his own wellbeing, “But there will be ways to get around killing children if it means that much to you I will even help you if you want.”
“That would be great if you would do that,” I said worried that he wouldn’t agree to help.
“Of cause I’ll help it’s the least I can do after springing everything on you at once,” Talon said smiling at me and that was the end of that.

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